'Black Lightning': Here is your refresher ahead of season 2 premiere

The premiere episode of 'Black Lightning' season 2 titled 'The Book of Consequences: Chapter One: Rise of the Green Light Babies' will be aired by the CW on October 9

                            'Black Lightning': Here is your refresher ahead of season 2 premiere

‘Black Lightning’ is finally returning to our TV screens with season 2 and there is quite a bit to look forward to this time around. From the full-fledged exploration of Freeland to Jennifer’s (portrayed by China Anne McClain) struggles with accepting her newly discovered powers there is quite a bit of ground to cover come October 9, 9/8c.

The new season will address the cliffhangers from season 1 and help us understand the history of the town and its people better. The last season did lay the groundwork for ‘Black Lightning’ to become one of the most beloved superheroes on TV.  

In the beginning, ‘Black Lightning,’ starring Cress Williams, was a show about a reluctant hero who wanted nothing more than to inspire the youth of his run-down town by being a role model they can count on rather than being a vigilante exacting justice in the shadows. As the show evolved, fans saw him embrace who he is and use his powers for the greater good. 

The only constant within the show has been Jefferson Pierce aka Black Lightning’s love for his town, his community, and his family. In fact, it has been this show’s USP. While the other superheroes get caught up in vengeance, being the hero and defeating the Big Bad, ‘Black Lightning’ has been successful in keeping protecting his town and community as a priority. He does not care if he is a hero, in fact, the only thing he cares about is keeping the children off the streets, cleaning up Freeland as a whole, and helping his community uphold itself in times of trauma.


The show is also about his eldest daughter Anissa aka Thunder (portrayed by Nafessa Williams) who has powers like her father and finds it difficult to turn her back on those looking for help, even more so. She embraces her powers almost as soon as she discovers them and, much to her mother’s chagrin, is all for exploiting it fully to protect the people of her town.  

In her excitement of being part of a crime-fighting duo, she fails to understand Jennifer's hesitance in accepting her powers. Her younger sister is all for helping people, but leading a “normal” life is more of a priority for her and, ironically enough, she may be the most powerful of the trio.  

In fact, the discovery of her powers, her refusal to use them and finally being forced to do so when her father’s life was in danger was beautifully depicted on the show.

As showrunner Salim Akil told TV Line: “We were playing rock and roll with everyone else — you hit the stage, you’ve got to burn, right? With hip-hop, too, you don’t have time to work your way up to it. With Jennifer, I just wanted to play a different tune, and her powers exhibited themselves at the right moment, in full, when she saved her dad’s life. I had that image in my head from the beginning of the season. I didn’t know exactly what the story was going to be, but I always had that image in my head of the child saving the parent. And we finally found a way to get there.” 

Jennifer seems to have inherited her mother’s level-headedness, which truly has come in the form of relief for Lynn (portrayed by Christine Adams), who is constantly worried about the love of her life and her oldest child. It must feel good to finally have someone who not only understands her worry but seems to be in her corner.  

Then again, no member of the Pierce family is really not fighting crime. Even without any superpowers, Lynn and even token white uncle Gambi (portrayed by James Remar) are both doing their bit to protect Freeland. While Gambi is the one that forced Jefferson back into the Black Lightning suit, he too had his reservations about sending the man who is the closest version of a son that he has back into the minefield that is the 100 and ASA. 


Lynn, the brilliant neuroscientist that she is, meanwhile, is trying her best understand the experiments being done on the pod children and looking for ways to save them. She has reluctantly come to realize that there is no use fighting her family’s calling and has decided to join their fight wholeheartedly and become a productive member of Team Black Lightning.  

Fans can appreciate the fact that all hands are on deck because the threats are only increasing for Freeland in general and the Pierce family in particular. Tobias (portrayed by Marvin "Krondon" Jones III) is in possession of a mysterious briefcase that made him very happy in the season 1 finale. In fact, he declared himself to be “King of Freeland” and, of course, we learned that his henchwoman Syonide (portrayed by Charlbi Dean) has carbon fibers instilled in her body.  

The relation between Tobias and Syonide was also explained last season, which makes us believe that, for Black Lightning to take down Tobias, he will have to literally go through Syonide. They mean everything to each other and it will be next to impossible for anyone to take her down. Did we mention the carbon fibers? 

Another associate of Tobias that we are excited about meeting again is Khalil aka Painkiller. Jordan Calloway, who plays the role spectacularly on the show, has been made a series regular ahead of Season 2. In case you were on the fence about this former star athlete/former love interest for Jennifer, rest assured you will be able to experience unfiltered hate for him. He has officially become the villainous Painkiller and it remains to be seen how Tobias uses him to get rid of the Pierces.

So, where that leave us in terms of what to expect for season 2 is Toabias’ first order of business: “Ripping the damn light outta Black Lightning.” 

Don’t forget to watch the season 2 premiere of ‘Black Lightning’ at 9/8c on Tuesday, October 9 via The CW.