'Black Lightning': New photos of 'Black Jesus Blues' reveals a lot more than just The Pierce family's challenges

It's all about the Pierce's actions in the end of the first season and the consequences of it unfolding with some pretty intense impact on the characters.

                            'Black Lightning': New photos of 'Black Jesus Blues' reveals a lot more than just The Pierce family's challenges

'Black Lightning' fans gather around and rejoice because the CW has just released rand new photos for the upcoming 'The Book of Consequences: Chapter Two: Black Jesus Blues,' which is set to be the second episode of the show's ongoing second season. Reportedly, the photos show a clear picture of the Pierce family in the middle of dealing with their actions' consequences and by said actions, we mean, whatever they were up to at the end of the first season.

And if that doesn't thrill you enough, these consequences have also started unfolding and having some serious impact on the characters - "such as Jennifer's (China Anne McClain) powers evolving and Jefferson/Black Lightning (Cress Williams) stepping down from his job as principal of Garfield in order to keep the school open," as reported by ComicBook.com. The outlet also elaborates that among the challenges expected to unfold for the family, there will also be some much more sinister instances, "such as the return of Khalil/Painkiller (Jordan Calloway) as well as what appears to be a new love interest for Anissa/Thunder (Nafessa Williams)."

Among other juicy bits of details, there will also be Tobias Whale (Marvin Jones III), who "will have some sort of influence over Khalil, unsurprising considering the loss of Syonide (Charlbi Dean) during the season premiere." Speaking to the outlet, Jones also shared their plans of the show exploring Tobias' struggles this year, simultaneously also focusing on his motivation, which will definitely have a lot to do with his loneliness.

"He struggles a lot with self-love and love from outside sources," Marvin Jones III, who plays Whale, said recently. "We saw who he loves, we saw what he loves, and he lost what he loves. And that was his community, Joey Toledo and Tory his sister, that's his community. He has a few cats that he knows, he works through that he likes maybe. But those aren't people that he really loves, the Syonide of course and now Syonide is the only one left, and he pretty much raised her groomed her from baby. He's a lonely guy, the character Tobias Whale is a lonely guy. He's always by himself, he's always drinking."

At the same time, Akil also revealed to Variety the possibilities of new characters in this season - especially one particular character that will challenge the one character in the Pierce family, who is not a metahuman - aka Jefferson's (Cress Williams) wife and the mother of his daughters, Lynn (Christine Adams).

"The Pierce family and the city of Freeland will have to deal with the consequences of the introduction of the drug Green Light and the discovery of Martin Proctor's experiments," Akil said. "In this new season, there will be an introduction of a new character who will be Lynn's co-worker, who will challenge Lynn in many new ways our other characters haven't to the point Lynn starts to question if she's the woman she needs to be for her family."

'Black Lightning' airs on Tuesday nights at 9 pm ET/PT, right after the episodes of 'The Flash.' Check out the latest released photos of 'Black Lightning' here.