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'Black Ink Crew: Compton' Preview: KP and Lemeir's new plan takes Ceaser by surprise

Season 2 Episode 2 of the 'Black Ink Crew: Compton' will show crew reveal a new plan as new alliances are forged
A still from 'Black Ink Crew Compton" (VH1)
A still from 'Black Ink Crew Compton" (VH1)

VH1's "Black Ink Crew" features tattoo shops run by Black artists across the country. "Black Ink Crew Chicago" and "Black Ink Crew: New York" have both been so successful that the network added a third show. "Black Ink Crew: Compton" which debuted in 2019. This spinoff was the third series created by the franchise across its ten-year run on the air. It chronicles the daily operations and staff drama at an African American-owned and operated tattoo shop, IAM Compton, located in Compton, California. 

As the restrictions amid the Covid pandemic continue to be eased across the US, the IAM crew is back again with their venture. This time the crew is all set to start over something new and different with 'Black Ink Crew: Compton' Season 2. In Episode 1, the audience saw how the tattoo artists were coming together after the lockdown. Returning to the reality show, the artists shared their experience in the pandemic and the post-pandemic plans they want to execute. "Black Ink Crew: Compton" centers on Danny "KP" Kirkpatrick and his crew and the first-ever tattoo shop in Compton. It uses as the backdrop which is the California town known for its musical influence and iconic street art. KP who was a famed tattoo artist and visionary whose clients have included Diddy and Taraji P Henson is bringing his team of artists into the community and are using their creative energy to make a change while creating a “safe zone” in the city he calls home.


'Black Ink Crew: Compton' Season 2 Episode 1: Fans wonder if it is 'really in Compton?'

'Black Ink Crew Compton' Season 2 Episode 1: Kirkpatrick plans to open his tattoo shop

Other tattoo artists on the show include Nessie Blaze, Ink Drippin', Lemeir Mitchell, and Vudu Dahl. Recurring characters are Danielle, the girlfriend of Mitchell, Barbie, the stylish receptionist, and Tim Simmons, Kirkpatrick's cousin who doubles as the shop's manager. Episode 1 of Season 2 titled 'You're not Compton By Yourself' showed how Kirkpatrick and Tim are faced with a fractured staff that has questionable allegiances. Along with the whole IAM crew, Nessie and Vudu were unsure whether the idea of opening a tattoo shop is a good option for employment or not? All the crew members were back with their pandemic stories and their struggle for survival. With no assurance of a great profit and better income source, they are all set and planning to open a tattoo shop in Crompton but their idea and choice of things have already started becoming a point of conflict. 

In the next Episode, KP and Lemeir come up with a plan that catches "Black Ink Crew" owner Ceaser Emmanuel by surprise and leads to new alliances among the crew. The deadline to open and start the new tattoo shop is approaching but will the crew be able to do everything before the deadline? If you are curious to see what happens next then binging on Episode 2 is the perfect solution for your curiosity.

'Black Ink Crew: Compton' airs every Monday on VH1 at 8 pm ET/PT.