'Black Ink Crew: New York' Season 10 Full Cast List: Ceaser Emanuel to Walt Miller, meet the VH1 stars

'Black Ink Crew: New York' Season 10 Full Cast List: Ceaser Emanuel to Walt Miller, meet the VH1 stars
Black Ink Crew: Newyork (Instagram @tatted_tatti)

In the last season, Puma explores buying a house in Atlanta and Ceaser conducts an auction and art display of Black Ink Crew paintings, while Alex and Donna have an intervention. The new season of 'Black ink crew: new york' is all ready to premier on premiere on VH1 on February 21 at 8:00 p.m. EST.

The Brooklyn flagship shop's New York crew returns stronger and better than before. Ceaser, the shop's owner and entrepreneur, continues to build the Black Ink brand while stopping his closest associates from bringing it down.


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Ceaser Emanuel

Ceaser Emanuel is a tattoo artist, business owner, and reality television personality. He is most known for owning a tattoo shop that was featured on the VH1 reality show "Black Ink Crew." Ceaser has dreamed of expanding his company into an empire since the beginning, and he's doing so one store at a time, with 10 locations across the United States. Despite the fact that his company is flourishing, he's taken a step back to focus on his personal life in Atlanta with his new girlfriend Suzette and being the parent he's always wanted to be.



Puma was a founding member of Black Ink, but a feud with Ceaser caused bad blood between the longtime friends, and Puma left to create his own tattoo business, Art2Ink. Ultimately, they were able to put their feud to rest. He juggles life with his wife Quani, their two children, and being a boss at Black Ink.


Ted Ruks

Ted, who was born and raised in the Bronx, originally came to Black Ink as a way to get away from the streets. He has always kept an eye out for his cousin Ceaser ever since. Ted's responsibilities at Black Ink have grown over time, from shop manager to VP of operations to president. Teddy Ruks had a strong desire to pursue a profession as a tattoo artist.


Tatti Ritter

Tatti has adopted a new Zen attitude after clashing with several of her coworkers. Her shop relations have improved, and she is no longer regarded as the bad guy. Will she be able to balance all of her duties now that she's turned a new leaf?



Alex Estevez

Alex is known for two things: being one of New York's top tattoo artists and slaying the women. However, after meeting Donna, he chose to become a one-woman guy. Alex has faced many challenges in his life, including an estranged father and a back injury suffered during a Black Ink incident that nearly derailed his career.

Young Bae

A tattoo artist with more than 1.4 million Instagram followers for her amazing monochrome drawings. Young Bae left South Korea in 2007 for New York City, leaving behind an abusive father and a terrible family environment. With just $73 in her pocket, she scraped by taking any job that came her way — and, despite never having inked before, she finally utilized her street smarts and charm to obtain a position as a tattoo artist. Bae prioritizes her family over her career as an artist, focusing on raising her son Niko.


Donna Lombardi

Donna's ambition was to work at Black Ink, so the Cleveland native packed her belongings and left the Midwest. Ceaser and her ultimately got to mutual respect and understanding after many ups and downs. She's been with fellow tattoo artist Alex for a long time, but her rage and tension at the business threatens all she's fought for.

Walt Miller

Walt has been a staple at Black Ink since the beginning. He tried to preserve the peace between his buddies despite being frequently caught in the thick of store feuds. Things seemed to look well for Walt now that he had his own apartment and a good connection with his kids, but allegations at the 125th store caused a significant gap with Ceaser and the rest of the team.


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