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'You f*****g scumbag': Bill O'Reilly shredded after threatening JetBlue employee over delayed flight

Ex-Fox News host calls JetBlue employee 'You f-----g scumbag' after being told his flight would be three hours late, gets slammed online
UPDATED APR 20, 2022
Bill O'Reilly arguing at JFK airport (Twitter) with a photo of him from his days at Fox News (Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images)
Bill O'Reilly arguing at JFK airport (Twitter) with a photo of him from his days at Fox News (Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images)

Disgraced former Fox News host Bill O'Reilly threatened a JetBlue employee at JFK Airport on April 3, 2022, with the video finally going public days later on April 19. The now-viral footage shows O'Reilly getting increasingly angry after being told his flight would be delayed by three hours, leading him to claim the employee would lose his job. Social media has since taken O'Reilly to task, slamming him for his behavior.

Speaking of angry airport confrontations, Senator Ted Cruz found himself in one at Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport on March 20. In this case, it was because Cruz missed his flight, and caused quite a ruckus that police had to be called. Hours before the January 6 insurrection, Senator Mitt Romney was confronted by an angry Donald Trump fan, who accused the Senator of "not supporting" the then-President. 


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While there have been numerous incidents of angry passengers taking a swing at each other, and even flight attendants and staff in the past, few have been as famous as Cruz and O'Reilly. The ex-host later tried to downplay the incident, but not before social media got a wind of it.

Television host Bill O'Reilly attends the Hollywood Reporter's 2016 35 Most Powerful People in Media at Four Seasons Restaurant on April 6, 2016, in New York City. (Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images)

'Don't talk to me like that'

The video of the altercation was captured by another passenger at the airport, who told The Daily Mail, "I couldn’t believe how arrogant he was. That poor JetBlue guy just works there, it’s not his fault the flight was delayed, he was just trying to do his job." It is unclear if the passenger was on the same flight as O'Reilly, who was reportedly heading to the Caribbean islands of Turks and Caicos. The flight eventually departed after a five-hour delay, with O'Reilly getting into the altercation around 2.5 hours into that delay.

"What you're gonna's three hours late," he told the employee, before adding, "No, no, no, You're gonna find out," while jabbing his finger aggressively. Things then got more heated, with O'Reilly snapping "You f-----g scumbag. Don't talk to me like that." The hot-headed commentator then takes a look at the employee's name tag, which the employee holds up, before cursing. The employee responds, "You're threatening me with violence, man."

To that, O'Reilly claims, "no I am not" and then makes the threat - "You're gonna lose your job." He then storms away from the counter, telling the employee "You're going to get that information." Throughout the exchange, O'Reilly is seen with his mask down on his chin. When approached by The Mail, O'Reilly claimed it was the employee who was arrogant, not him. He did however accept that the exchange was "heated". Here's the clip that has since gone viral-


'They should have escorted his a-s off the premises'

Social media was quick to slam O'Reilly. "F-----g Scumbag Bill O'Reilly goes Karen on a customer service rep bcs his flight is delayed. Like it was this employee’s fault? Bloviating, narcissistic & no-class Bill feels entitled to spew his anger on this man simply doing his job. Hope this airline banned him for life," one angry person tweeted. Another commented, "First Ted Cruz and now Bill O'Reilly threatening poor airport employees like the f-----g elite assholes they are! #JetBlue." A third commented, "Bill O’Reilly abused airline staff cuz his flight to Turks and Caicos was delayed: “You f’ing scumbag!” Ted Cruz abused airline staff cuz he missed his flight to DC, yelling “do you know who I am?!” The biggest a------s in politics tend to be the biggest a------s in airports."




"Bill O'Reilly is a Karen, and a nasty one. They should have escorted his a-s off the premises and canceled his flight," one user noted. Another mocked, "If pervy old Bill O'Reilly hadn't sexually harassed so many women, he could have used that $32,000,000 hush money to buy his own plane instead of flying JetBlue." One more user joked, "Aside from the fact that Bill O'Reilly is still an a$$hole, apparently he's either broke enough or cheap enough that he flies Jet Blue."