How Liziane Gutierrez went from suing Chris Brown and cheating death to helping Ukrainian refugees

How Liziane Gutierrez went from suing Chris Brown and cheating death to helping Ukrainian refugees
35-year-old model, Liziane out to help the Ukrainians. (Photo: @liziane_gutierrez/Instagram)

As the war between Russia and Ukraine has been growing severe, many have come forward to help refugees fleeing war. In fact, many celebrities have moved to Ukraine so that they can battle it out against the Russians. That said, the newest foreigner to arrive in war-torn Ukraine and join the fight against Russia is a bikini model who famously sued singer Chris Brown. Currently, the model has been helping with providing food for the families along with other volunteers.

Liziane Gutierrez, 35, who sued rapper-singer Chris Brown in 2016 over an alleged brawl in Las Vegas, traveled from Los Angeles to Krakow, Poland, before crossing into Ukraine earlier this month. The Brazilian-born social media star, who has over a million Instagram followers, is currently transporting food and medicine to the besieged country. The model has been battling fits after doctors in Istanbul, Turkey, put her in a coma four years ago. After she had a terrible reaction to anesthetic during cosmetic surgery, Liziane underwent a chaotic phase of healing. Now her new way of helping the Ukrainians despite her health condition has received appreciation.


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Liziane, on her current act, commented saying, “I decided to come too because I couldn't just watch what was happening from my house and do nothing. Of course I'm scared when I'm inside Ukraine, but when I help someone I feel that I'm doing the right thing. We take stuff to different places, like this hospital in Chervonohrad, some police stations in Lviv and Lutsk, and schools as well.” After the Russian army seized some volunteers, Liziane stated that those carrying food and relief were being escorted by police. On recalling what terrifies her the most, she said, “When I hear the siren, it is super scary because we don't know exactly what to do. It is impossible to get used to.”


Liziane also added how helping the people out there have made her heartbreak. She said, “The Ukrainian people see us volunteers as heroes. Sometimes I feel like crying when I see families breaking apart – men over 18 years old can't get out of Ukraine. I see all the time families with just a backpack and the documents in their hands leaving everything behind.” She added, “But we can't cry, we are here to give support to these families.”

A lot of her photos have been making headlines as she continues her service. But some aren’t buying her good deed. One user on Twitter wrote, “Do thine alms in secret, or it becomes about you, not the cause.” while another wrote, “As soon as I read “IG model I knew why she did it.” Another user also wrote, “Just an opportunity to take a #Helpie for one’s own benefit.” What are your thoughts?






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