‘Beware of the Midwife’ Full Cast List:  Meet Raven Dauda and other actors from Lifetime's thriller movie

‘Beware of the Midwife’ Full Cast List:  Meet Raven Dauda and other actors from Lifetime's thriller movie
Raven Dauda as Rose in 'Beware of the Midwife' (Lifetime)

Lifetime’s upcoming thriller film ‘Beware of the Midwife’ is about a dangerous midwife by the name of Rose, who is hired by Sarah and Kevin when they decide to have their baby in their home. But, they are unaware of Rose’s true intentions, which is to take away their newborn for selfish reasons.

If you’re eager to watch Sarah and Kevin tackle the situation, meet the cast of ‘Beware of the Midwife’ here ahead of its premiere. 


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Mouna Traoré

Canadian actress Mouna Traoré will be playing the role of Sarah in ‘Beware of the Midwife’. She started acting at a young age and appeared in the short film ‘The Drop In’  in 2017. The movie premiered at the Toronto International film festival. She has featured in numerous television series including a recurring role in the Teleto children’s comedy series ‘Majority Rules!’. Her notable work includes ‘Rookie Blue’, ‘Murdoch Mysteries’ and ‘Suits’. She featured as Esther on the Netflix series ‘Self Made’ and as Jill in ‘The Umbrella Academy. 

Mouna Traoré as Sarah in ‘Beware of the Midwife’ (Lifetime)

Raven Dauda 

Raven Dauda will be seen as the dangerous midwife Rose in the Lifetime movie. She’s known for acting in ‘Murder at 1600’ from 1997, 2003’s ‘Bulletproof Monk’ and ‘Greta’ of 2018.  According to IMDb, her very first acting role was as the wicked step-sister in a grade school production of Cinderella. It also states when she received her first-degree Black belt in Taekwondo, she got a black star inked on her right wrist to commemorate it. Dauda’s acting credits also include ‘Hudson & Rex’, ‘Grand Army’, Nurses’ and ‘Utopia Falls’ among others. 

Raven Dauda as Rose (Lifetime)


Michael Xavier 

Canadian actor Michael Xavier is seen as Sarah’s husband Kevin in the thriller movie. After finishing high school, he enrolled in Humber College to pursue his career in acting. He has witnessed success with a series of regular roles on Space Channel’s ‘Bitten’. He played the lead in ‘Deadly Inferno’ and was also seen on the 2017 rom-com ‘A Swingers Weekend’. 

Michael Xavier as Kevin (Lifetime)

The rest of the cast of 'Beware of the Midwife' includes Jason Faulkner, Tanya Clarke and Bukola Walfall among others. 

‘Beware of the Midwife’ will premiere on Sunday, April 11 at 8 pm ET on Lifetime only. 

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