'All That Glitters' Full Cast List: Meet Raechelle Banno, Ty Wood and other actors from Lifetime's Landry saga

Viewers who were left mesmerized by Lifetime's adaptation of VC Andrews' novels last weekend can expect to see their favorites return once again

                            'All That Glitters' Full Cast List: Meet Raechelle Banno, Ty Wood and other actors from Lifetime's Landry saga
Raechelle Banno and Ty Wood in the Landry saga (Lifetime)

VC Andrews' mystery romance drama novels are being brought to television by Lifetime as a four-part Landry saga series that started last Saturday, March 20. Arriving in sets of two, over the span of two consecutive weekends, the first two films, 'Ruby' and 'Pearl', dropped on March 20 and March 21, respectively. This Saturday comes 'All That Glitters', and finally, 'Hidden Jewel' will premiere on March 28 on the network.

According to Lifetime, "All That Glitters picks up as Ruby is driven from the Dumas mansion and returns to her beloved childhood home in the bayou where she's intent on creating a new life for her baby daughter, Pearl. Ruby's high-school sweetheart Paul is there to support her again, and when he moves her into his impressive home, she has new hope for the future. However, Ruby can't escape the judging eyes of Paul's mother Gladys (Alfonso) who knows Ruby and Paul's dark secret, and Giselle continues to torment Ruby when she reveals news about Beau (Wood), Pearl's real father and Ruby's true love. Ruby longs for another life, and the web of deceit continues when Giselle falls into a coma and Ruby is lured into a twisted plot to be with Beau."

The actors continue their roles throughout the saga, and viewers who were left mesmerized by the story last weekend can expect to see their favorites return once again. Resuming their characters from the first two films, here is the cast of 'All that Glitters'.


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Raechelle Banno

The actor resumes her role of the sizzling leading lady, Ruby Landry, in the four-part saga that encapsulates her twisted, tumultuous life. Banno is in all the three other films in the Landry saga airing on Lifetime, and was last seen as Atria Nine, one of the lead roles in the CW series 'Pandora's debut season. She has also played Olivia on the long running Australian Network Seven television series 'Home and Away'. Her other credits include playing Courtney in the Southern Star/7Two series 'In Your Dreams' and the co-lead role of Noushka in the award-winning short film 'Seplays'.

Karina Banno

The twin sister of the lead actor also plays the twin sister of Ruby, Giselle. The character is your stereotypical evil twin who tries to ruin Ruby's life and just can't see her being happy. Karina Banno has also worked as an assistant director, known for 'Second Best' and 'Reckoning'. She plays the role of Giselle throughout the franchise.

Karina and Raechelle Banno as Giselle and Ruby Landry (Lifetime)

Sam Duke

Horror descends on Ruby when Paul, the highschool sweetheart she reconciles with to raise her baby, turns out to be her own half brother. Raised by Octavius State and his wife Gladys, Paul is revealed to be Octavius's son with Ruby's mother Gabrielle. Duke, also a producer along with his career in acting, is most popularly known for 'Flirting with Forty', and 'Goodnight for Justice'.

Kristian Alfonso

The actress joins the cast as Paul's mother Gladys, the antagonist in later parts, where she tries to get custody of Ruby's daughter Pearl, thinking her to be her son's child. Alfonso is best known for her work as an actor in 'Days of Our Lives', 'MacGyver', and 'Friends'.

Raechelle Banno as Ruby, Ty Wood as Beau (Lifetime)


Ty Wood 

The love of Ruby's life, Beau, who is also the father of her child, is played by Wood. Beau, who only made appearances in the first three novels of the saga, is also romantically involved with Ruby's twin, Giselle. The Canadian actor is best known for his roles in 'BH90210', 'Chilling Adventures of Sabrina', and 'The Haunting in Connecticut'.

'All that Glitters' premieres this Saturday, March 27, at 8 pm only on Lifetime.

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