'Better Nate Than Ever' Review: Disney+ musical comedy hits right chords with infectious energy

'Better Nate Than Ever' Review: Disney+ musical comedy hits right chords with infectious energy
Nate's final audition (Disney+)

'Better Nate Than Ever', the new Disney+ film, is all about dreams and yes when we talk about dreams New York City immediately comes to our mind. The movie revolves around a middle school boy Nathan Foster (Rueby Wood) from Pittsburgh who wanted to be cast as the main lead in a school musical play. His dream was a small one but still a dream.

Nate is getting ready for his big day at the start of the film. All of his hopes and dreams were dashed, though, when he heard that he would not be playing the lead in the school musical. As few endings are necessary for a few beginnings to occur here was the same case. Nate's best friend, Libby (Aria Brooks), informs him that the classic film Lilo& Stitch is being adapted into a Broadway musical, which is holding an open musical audition in New York.


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The actual film begins here when Nate and Libby set off on their journey to accomplish their goals in the city of dreams. Here's the twist: neither of the young teens' parents joins them. The first thing Nate and Libby get as a surprise in New York is rain, as Nate makes his way to the audition drenched in water. Did I mention that Lisa Kudrow will play Nate's aunt Heidi? Nate appears to believe she is a big Broadway star, but she is simply a New Yorker trying to keep up with the city.

Returning to Nate's audition, the one he gave initially gives the impression in the movie that Nate is returning home the same way he arrived, and that his dreams will remain dreams. But who thought Nate may get a callback, just as his aunt Heidi received it a long time ago

Nate's first audition (Disney+)


The film depicts several angles, but most significantly, it depicts the sense of dreams. Why it's more important than everything else in the world to choose and pursue your aspirations. It also stresses the need of putting yourself over others in your life. The movie's second perspective is on the interaction between siblings. First, you'll witness Nate's mother and her sister. What transpired between them caused them to be not able to be in contact with each other.  Also, Nate's relationship with his own brother, Anothy (Joshua Bassett), in which Nate always believes he has embarrassed his sibling. But, no matter what occurs amongst the siblings, they're all best pals who genuinely care about us.

Rueby Wood's acting is amazing in the manner it immerses the audience in the story of a 13-year-old boy who is doing everything he can to seek and achieve his dream. Rueby's appearances in the film's musicals were quite entertaining. Aside from that, Lisa Kudrow's acting was fantastic, and her portrayal of the big Broadway star aunt was phenomenal. The film will not bore you but definitely make you laugh, and giggle also will provide you with aim of accomplishing your dreams in the end.

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