'High School Musical: The Musical: The Series' Season1: Ricky confesses his love for Nini making fans go 'aww'

The show in its season finale picked up right where it left off and the stakes couldn't be any higher

                            'High School Musical: The Musical: The Series' Season1: Ricky confesses his love for Nini making fans go 'aww'
Nini and Ricky (Disney+/Fred Hayes)

'High School Musical: The Musical: The Series' season 1 aired with its final episode titled 'Act Two' on Friday and it focused on all the pure emotions, that viewers and fans might not get over until season 2 premieres. 

While you might need a box of tissues near you for the final episode of the season, it will mostly be because of happy tears and not sad ones. Last week's episode titled 'Opening Night' ended on a cliffhanger and we did not know what will happen to Ricky and Nini. EJ meanwhile gets ready to play the role of Troy after Ricky steps down due to last-minute jitters and disappointments. Gina surprises everyone when she turns up for the Opening Night after EJ bought her a plane ticket at the last moment, and Mr. Mazzara helped out Miss Jenn during the opening night.

Back again this week for its season finale, picking up right where it left off, the stakes couldn't be any higher. Due to last-minute changes as mentioned above, EJ takes to stage playing the role of Troy, and everyone is left shocked, especially Nini. On the other hand, there is so much left to be said between Nini and Ricky that will have everyone sitting at the edge of their seats.

'High School Musical: The Musical: The Series' season 1 aired with its finale episode (Disney+/Fred Hayes)

Though over the previous weeks we have seen a lot of drama happen both onstage and offstage, this week it was more because of the former. While Ricky walks out of the gym disappointed to see his mother with her new boyfriend, Gina goes and convinces him to come back inside at least just to support the rest of the team. Meanwhile, Ashlyn performs her solo as Mrs. Darbus and leaves everyone stunned. 

Nini who was already worried about the drama school scout seated in the audience gets even more worried and shocked when she sees EJ, and not Ricky, playing the role of Troy. Nini walks up to Ricky who enters the gym right in time, and the duo performs a near-perfect rendition of 'Breaking Free' that has the crowd cheering. 

For all who are worried about what happens to Ricky and Nini... well, Ricky finally mustered up the courage to confess his love for her. Meanwhile, Gina finally gets a way to stay back at East High and not move with her mother. 

While all things seemed to end in a good note, Nini gets confused after the school scout finds her in the hallway and offers her a chance to start their program from the next month. Will Nini leave East High and shift right after her relationship with Ricky just took off? Well, for all that and much more, we would have to wait till the Fall of 2020 when the series releases season 2 only on Disney+.

Gina finally gets to stay back at East High as Ashlyn reveals she can move in with her (Disney+/Fred Hayes)

To sum up, the entire season will tug at your heartstrings and have you enjoying every bit of it, along with wanting to jump up and sing along all the songs from the OG musical, 'High School Musical: The Musical', along with new ones that were performed on the series. 

Many fans took to Twitter after the episode, though fans are disappointed they have a long time to wait before season 2 releases, they are happy that Ricky and Nini finally got back together.

"I JUST FINISHED #HSMTMTS AND TO SAY THE LEAST I’M CRYING OVER NINI AND RICKY AND ASHLYN AND BIG RED," a fan wrote. Adding to that another said, "@julialester and @LarrySaperstein ended the season PERFECTLY. I was hoping and praying that they would end up together and they did not DISAPPOINT! #HSMTMTS." 

"CAN THEY JUST PLEASE LET RINI BE HAPPY TOGETHER IN SEASON 2 THEY DESERVE IT AFTER THIS WHOLE SEASON AND AFTER THAT SPEECH @ t*m f*derle i’m talking to you," shared a fan. While another said, "Nini and Ricky BELONG together and I am LIVING for it."

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