Benjamin Elliot: Texas teen claims he was asleep when he stabbed twin sister to death

Benjamin Elliot, 17, who is charged with the murder of his twin said he realize he wasn't dreaming after it was too late

                            Benjamin Elliot: Texas teen claims he was asleep when he stabbed twin sister to death
Texas teenager Benjamin Elliot is accused of murdering his twin Meghan Elliot (Harris County Sheriff's Office)

HARRIS COUNTY, TEXAS: A teenager from Texas is accused of stabbing his twin sister to death. He appeared in court in the morning on September 30 where charges against him were read. The 17-year-old has been charged with murder after deputies found him in a bedroom of a house in the 4100 block of Brown Meadow Court in the early hours of September 29. Benjamin Elliot accused of murdering Meghan Elliot was found performing CPR on her.  According to Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez, Meghan was found with several stab wounds to her neck. 

In the past, we have reported incidents involving killer siblings. For instance, Claire Miller from Pennsylvania was charged with criminal homicide after she stabbed her elder sister, who had cerebral palsy to death and washed off her blood in the snow. She was found outside her home repeatedly saying, "I killed my sister." Cops found her wheelchair-bound sibling inside the house with a large knife in her neck. A couple of years ago New Jersey's Amanda Ramirez was charged with aggravated manslaughter in the killing of her sister Anna Ramirez. Last year, disabled teen Kayla Dezaray Hensley's younger brother was handed 16 years prison sentence after he slit her throat and left the body in a dumpster. 


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Benjamin Elliot claims he was sleeping 

According to reports, Benjamin claimed he woke up between 2:30 and 3 am in the morning to find himself in his sister's bedroom shoving a knife in her neck. He said he then realized this wasn't a dream and removed the knife before sitting beside her. "The defendant stated after realizing he was not dreaming, he removed the knife and placed it next to the complainant, turned on the light to the bedroom, and applied pressure to the wound with a pillow,” a prosecutor told the court. He then called 911, Benjamin claimed. He performed CPR on his sister as per the advice of the 911 dispatcher which he was doing when deputies arrived. 

His parents woke up seven minutes into the call after Benjamin called out for them and they were heard yelling and crying in the background. Attorneys claimed he didn't suffer from any sleep disorders and hadn't taken any drugs or alcohol. Elliot didn't appear in court on September 30 morning and continued to remain at the Harris County Jail. A $10,000 bond was set for the charge against the teenager. 

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