‘Below Deck’ preview: Kate reveals she has Rhylee’s back after her argument with Kevin

The preview for episode 9 of 'Below Deck' shows the aftermath of Rhylee Gerber and Kevin Dobson's fight while Brian fears losing his job due to his knee injury.

                            ‘Below Deck’ preview: Kate reveals she has Rhylee’s back after her argument with Kevin

The previous episode saw ‘Below Deck’ cast members Rhylee Gerber and chef Kevin get into a heated argument after Rhylee requested Kevin’s help to pick a paleo dish from the menu. This simple request offended Kevin so much that they got into a shouting match and soon all the boys sided with Kevin and ganged up against Rhylee. Her boss, Ashton Pienaar, made some scathing remarks about Rhylee during their heated argument.

The upcoming episode picks off from there and we see Rhylee explaining in her green room interview that she was hoping for a fresh start in Thailand but was unhappy with the behavior of her fellow crew members. She looked visibly upset and unhappy. Fan-favorite crew member- Kate Chastain then goes up to Rhylee and reveals to her that she has her back and adds that Kevin had been behaving “obnoxiously” all evening. We will just have to wait and watch to see how this tension between Kevin and Rhylee will play out.



The deck team seems to have a lot on its plate. With Brian’s knee not showing any signs of improvement but instead worsening, he was put on bed rest. We see Ashton checking on him and Brian later reveals that he is afraid he might lose his job and his leg might need an amputation. Poor deck team can’t seem to catch a break. First, it was Tanner who was sick, then Abbi quit abruptly, and now Brian’s not keeping well. To add to the woes, Ashton and Rhylee aren’t on the best of terms. So, Ashton can’t afford to burn that bridge and will have to figure a way to work things out with his deckhand Rhylee.

 ‘Below Deck’ Season 7 airs every Monday at 9 pm ET/PT only on Bravo.

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