Bebe Rexha flaunts '165 lbs' curves in sexy TikTok video: 'Bad b**ch no matter what my weight'

Bebe Rexha flaunts '165 lbs' curves in sexy TikTok video: 'Bad b**ch no matter what my weight'
Bebe Rexha sends body positivity message by posing in lingerie in a video (TikTok/ Bebe Rexha)

On Tuesday, June 29, Bebe Rexha sent out a powerful body positivity message to her fans on TikTok by posting a sexy video of hers. The 31-year-old was seen setting the temperature high by showcasing her curves in a navy blue lingerie set. Through her TikTok video, she sent a strong reminder to people that her weight is “no one's business.” She also proudly let her followers know that she weighs 165lbs and added, “But let’s normalize 165 lbs.”

In the video, Rexha was seen sporting her two-toned hair down as she chose to middle part her wispy bangs. The singer was also seen rocking a single gold pendant chain around her neck. She used a nude lip gloss and a soft wash of brown shadow on her lids to glamorize her already beautiful face. As per reports, her sexy two-piece lace lingerie was from her recent collaboration with intimate brand Adore Me. The two-piece included a bustier top and thong-style panties.


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‘In the Name of Love’ singer danced to Nicki Minaj's infectious track ‘Good Form’ in the TikTok video as a text along with the clip read, “How much do you think I weigh.” She also proudly showcased her voluminous bust while the text read that her weight is “no one's business. Cause I'm a bad b**ch no matter what my weight.” She also insisted on normalizing “165 lbs.” “Feeling like a bad b**ch today,” Rexha captioned the video, which she shared with her 6.4million TikTok followers.


Bebe Rexha in a TikTok video (TikTok/ Bebe Rexha)


Reports said that the video was viewed by around 8.8 million people while getting likes from nearly one million people. The clip also garnered a lot of positive comments from her fans as one shared, “after knowing bebe shares our body type I feel so much better.” The second one wrote that Rexha’s content is “what we need on this app.”

However, this was not the first time the ‘Say My Name’ songstress has done something to promote all body types. Earlier in April, she posted a video of her Instagram, which is followed by 10.7 million people, in which she said, “I WANNA SEE YOUR REAL BODIES. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. THICK. SKINNY. CELLULITE. STRETCH MARKS. FOLDS. SEND ME VIDEOS. NO PHOTOSHOP BULLSHIT. POST ON TIK TOK/ INSTAGRAM AND TAG ME AND ILL REPOST #EVERYBODYISBEAUTIFUL #sacrifice.”




At the time also, Rexha received a lot of positive comments. One user had commented, “Beautiful young lady.” Another one added, “THANK YOU AND WAIT UNTIL I GET THE BBL WITH THE WORKS.”

In 2020, she gave an interview to Health, where she admitted to her struggles. Rexha added, “Ever since I was little, I’ve been thicker. When I first got signed to one of my deals, my managers were like, ‘Are you ready to get into boot-camp shape?’ I was like, ‘Sure! What does that mean?’ They told me to lose 20 pounds, and it kind of messed me up. I went through a point of really not liking myself, and I still have my moments—but I just started trying to be nice to myself and doing things every day. I walk around the house in just underwear and a bra. My therapist told me, ‘You should walk around naked; it helps.’ I’m like, ‘I can’t do that yet!’”


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