Baz Luhrmann compares Elvis Presley to K-pop idols in military, fans 'love that’

Baz Luhrmann compares Elvis Presley to K-pop idols in military, fans 'love that’
Baz posts photos of Elvis and K-pop idols like BIGBANG's G-Dragon, Monsta X's Shownu and three SHINee members (@bazluhrmann/Instagram)

Fans have always looked forward to Hollywood director Baz Luhrmann’s films due to his fantastical and elaborate style that always makes his works larger than life. From the modern adaptation of ‘Romeo + Juliet’ to the glittering ‘Moulin Rouge’ and ‘The Great Gatsby’, his films have always been a true source of entertainment. And with his upcoming project, 'Elvis' that is based on the ‘King of Rock and Roll’, Elvis Presley, many have been wondering about his spin on the superstar.  However, his promotional tactics have everyone tickled thanks to his latest posts.

Since December, Baz Luhrmann has been making inspirational posts about Elvis Presley, talking about what he liked about the singer and giving fans fun little trivia facts. But many were surprised by his latest Instagram and Twitter post on April 5. The Hollywood director uploaded pictures of Elvis in uniform along with BIGBANG’s G-Dragon, SHINee and Monsta X’s Shownu who were in the military and talked about the hardships of an artist putting a hold on their careers to serve their country.

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Baz Luhrmann posts about idols in military

Elvis Presley had enlisted in the late 1950s and had served as an active soldier in two battalions. It should also be noted that all healthy South Korean males have to also enlist in the South Korean military including K-pop idols. And so, comparing Elvis to these idols, Luhrmann wrote, “Like Elvis, there are still music artists today who must put their careers on hold to do their national service. The question on their minds remains the same: ‘What will my career be when I return? If I return?’”

'Thats a proper kpop run up'

Many were surprised that not only did Baz Luhrmann know about K-pop idols serving in the military, but he had also gone as far as to post pictures of them and tag them. K-pop fans found the interaction hilarious as one tweeted, “Baz luhrmann comparing elvis to shinee and gdragon what simulation am i living in.” Another fan posted, “Baz Luhrmann and SHINee are two names i never thought i'd string together in a sentence lmaoo.” One wondered, “This is random, but movie director baz luhrman included shownu in his newest ig post while promoting his new movie Elvis. baz is the one who made Moulin Rouge, Romeo+Juliet and the Great Gatsby. now, WHAT IF you cast shownu in one of your movies.”

Another was proud that their favorite idols had been listed along with Elvis, “Thats a proper kpop run up listed, with GD, SHINee and Shownu alongside Elvis.” One fan joked, “Onew bestie check your mention please THE baz luhrmann tagged you.” Another asked, “Oh actor kwon jiyong comeback?” One fan said, "Shownu always shows up in the most random places, I love that for him."








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