'Batwoman' Episode 4 sees Catherine confess to Jacob about faking Beth’s death after being blackmailed by Alice

In 'Batwoman' episode 4, Alice uses the fact that Catherine lied to Jacob Kane about his daughter Beth to try and get her hands on a Hamilton technology that is currently being researched. Catherine confesses the truth to him because she doesn't want it to be delivered by Alice of all people

                            'Batwoman' Episode 4 sees Catherine confess to Jacob about faking Beth’s death after being blackmailed by Alice

On one side, we have Kate Kane as Batwoman struggling to face up to Gotham's newest villain, Magpie (Rachel Matthews), and balance her personal life in episode 4 of 'Batwoman'. On the other hand, we have Alice aka Beth (Rachel Skarsten), playing a different game altogether and trying to make sure she doesn't kill anyone in the process.

If the episode made anything clear, it was the fact that Alice doesn't want to lose out on her connection with Kate at this point. She has big plans for the future and it is important for Alice to stay in touch with Kate, even if it means that murder and mayhem is a no-no for the foreseeable future. 

So instead of murders, Alice is now concentrating on organizing something much bigger than Kate can perceive. Alice knows Catherine's (Elizabeth Anweis) secret. She knows that it was Catherine who manipulated evidence to prove Beth had died after the car crash.

In reality, Beth was alive and during her childhood, she also seems to have gone through something traumatic. We saw flashes of this in Alice's nightmares and this could very well be the reason Alice has a deep-seated hatred for her father, Jacob Kane (Dougray Scott) who gave up on searching for Beth midway because of the evidence that was manipulated by Catherine. 

Using this information, Alice approaches Catherine and blackmails her. She gives Catherine an ultimatum, tells her to handover one of the most powerful weapons that the Hamilton research wing is working on to Alice.

If Catherine fails to do so, Alice threatens to reveal the truth to Jacob about everything Catherine did years ago. Initially, Catherine tries to find a way out of the situation by sending men to find Alice's lair to smoke her out and possibly even take her out. 

This, however, fails and Alice chops one of Catherine's men's finger to send her a message. That's when Catherine realizes there is nothing that can be done. Catherine approaches Jacob to tell him the truth.

The father who had for the longest time assumed his daughter was dead -- a fact that had tortured him to no end -- will learn that she was missing. To give him the news that it was she who manipulated a deer bone shard to be reported as Beth's skull fragment would essentially burn Catherine and Jacob's relationship.

Yet, Catherine confesses the truth to him anyway because she doesn't want it to be delivered by Alice of all people. Jacob's suspicions were raised when Alice had played Beth's favorite cello piece by Bach.

This was when she had broken into his penthouse, to intimidate both Jacob and Catherine. Now to have his suspicions proven right, Jacob has to come to terms with the fact that his daughter is now the leader of one of the worst gangs Gotham has ever seen. 

Interestingly, the fourth episode saw Alice and Kate travel parallel paths in Gotham so Kate is still unaware of what Alice is up to in connection with Catherine. She is also not aware that her father has now heard the truth about Beth either. It would definitely be worth the wait to see how Kate deals with the latest conflict that involves Alice in the upcoming episode. 

The next episode of 'Batwoman' will air on Sunday at 8 p.m. on The CW. 

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