'Batwoman' Episode 4 sees Kate Kane square with challenges of a double life including sacrificing dating for Gotham

In the fourth episode of 'Batwoman', we saw Kate Kane try dating someone that she had met at a party, but things don't go too well because she has to lie about who she is, what she does and more

                            'Batwoman' Episode 4 sees Kate Kane square with challenges of a double life including sacrificing dating for Gotham

'Batwoman' Episode 4: 'Who Are You?'

'Batwoman' Episode 4, in essence, is about Kate Kane (Ruby Rose) coming to terms with the fact that she would now have to hide a part of herself from people she loves. Initially, it is about Kate being cocooned by the feeling of new love. She has met this amazing woman, Reagan (Brianne Howey), who is perfect for Kate.

That is if only Kate didn't have an alter-ego -- Batwoman -- who would not impress potential girlfriends. Contrary to popular belief, having a superhero for a partner is a tiresome experience and Bruce Wayne knew that better than anybody.

That was the reason why Kate's cousin depended so much on his billionaire playboy image while internally hating the double lives he had to lead. So when Kate finds herself struggling to keep a part of herself hidden to do her best to date Reagan, everything unravels.

She is not able to continue lying to Reagan while she continues to be Gotham's "beacon of hope".  The episode sees Kate come face to face with Gotham's most dangerous thief Magpie (Rachel Matthews) who steals jewellery and replaces it with boobytrapped replicas.

Gotham's celebrated museum is organizing a jewellery exhibition that will see Martha Wayne's pearl necklace set under the spotlight. While Kate as Batwoman tries to bring Magpie down with Luke Fox's (Camrus Johnson) help, her relationship with Reagan faces trouble.

She cancels on dates, invites Reagan to accompany her to the exhibition, but disappears in between to deal with Magpie. Despite being with Reagan, Kate is mostly absentminded and is always ready to leave at a moment's notice.

It is clear to Reagan Kate is hiding something from her, and that brings their relationship to an end. Not a bitter end, but mostly one where both of them understand that this relationship is not right for the two of them at the moment. 

A screenshot of Kate Kane and Reagan in 'Batwoman' episode 4. (Source: The CW)

The relationship with Reagan is used to help Kate understand that right now, Kate cannot afford to have a relationship while safeguarding her city as Batwoman. Every time her time was interrupted to do something for the city, she had to sacrifice a bit of herself and what she wanted to do, to prioritize the city over everything else. 

The realization that she comes to after coming out victorious against Magpie is the job she chose to do was important. Of course, no one said it would be comfortable or easy, but she was going to do it anyway.

In her words, "Lies don't make anyone comfortable. Especially the one telling them. But no one said anything about this job being comfortable. If I am going to embrace the Bat, then I am going to have to embrace hiding a part of myself from the outside world. Living this double life is a sacrifice, but our city is worth it."

The next episode of 'Batwoman' will air on Sunday at 8 p.m. ET on The CW. 

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