'Batwoman' Episode 4 will debut Kate Kane's first romantic interest in the show, but will their relationship stand the test of time?

Even as fans are excited to see Kate Kane date someone other than pining after Sophie Moore in 'Batwoman', we have to tell you that this is not going to last too long.

                            'Batwoman' Episode 4 will debut Kate Kane's first romantic interest in the show, but will their relationship stand the test of time?

'Batwoman' is leaning quite a bit away from the comics when it comes to portraying Kate Kane's (Ruby Rose) romantic relationships. We were introduced to Reagan (Brianne Howey) in the show's third episode where she was the bartender at Tommy Elliot's party. She hits it off with Kate instantly and not just us, Sophie Moore (Meagan Tandy), also saw the sparks flying. Kate's ex Sophie, who refused to tell the truth about their relationship while the two were at the United States Military Academy at West Point is visibly disturbed by this development in Kate's life, and we will be seeing more of that in the future. 

The main reason why we think Reagan's relationship won't last too long is because of a recent interview of the show's creator Caroline Dries, in which she says that she intends on Kate and Sophie's relationship being a “potent love story of the season.” Dries had said to EW, "We can expect to see Kate’s story get complicated by her. Kate realizes that Sophie’s got stuff to figure out emotionally and personally, and she’s not about to be a home-wrecker. So, she is just keeping her options open like anyone might [and] meets Reagan at this big penthouse housewarming party in Gotham." 


She also added, "On a macro level, we just want Kate to be in a romantic situation. Then on a story level, Kate has now by this time embraced her identity as Batwoman and has kind of committed to being the city’s new hero, and she wants it to be easier than it is and realizes very quickly, ‘Yeah, now I see why Bruce Wayne never had a long-term girlfriend and never got married'."

Reagan is expected to serve as a plot device that would help Kate understand how complex it is going to be to work on a romantic relationship while safeguarding a city. The added fact that Howey is only attributed to two episodes in the show also goes on to prove that this relationship is not going to stand the test of time. 

Now, speaking of Batwoman's girlfriend in the comics, the timeline that the show is based on is much ahead of when Kate is involved in a serious relationship. The one serious relationship that she does have after being kicked out of the academy at West Point is with a police detective. Kate starts dating a cop named Renee Montoya and Kate also proposes to Renee in the comics. The relationship is not successful, but it does last long and this is something that we may not see on the show this season. 

The next episode of 'Batwoman' will air on Sunday at 8 pm on The CW. 

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