Bam Margera sued for threatening to use brass knuckles on man having 'very loud sex'

Bam Margera sued for threatening to use brass knuckles on man having 'very loud sex'
Bam Margera is in hot water yet again (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: ‘Jackass’ star Bam Margera seems to be developing a knack for breaking laws and getting sued. The 43-year-old ‘Viva La Bam’ star, who was arrested earlier this week for public intoxication, is again on the cops’ radar for threatening to use brass knuckles on a man for having "very loud sex."

Margera’s neighbor, 28-year-old Daniel Cardenas, reportedly said that Margera threatened to cuff him with brass knuckles as the former reality star claimed his current girlfriend and her eight-year-old daughter could hear the man having sex. 


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Cardenas reportedly said, “All I can figure is Jessica told Bam about the "loud sex" which her daughter overheard and this is why he was so upset, although it of course gives him no right to attack me, threaten my life, or kick me out of a home he has no rights to,” per Daily Mail. He added that Margera was upset because he thought the girl “will have PTSD for the rest of her life.”


While the MTV star has not been arrested this time, Cardenas got a restraining order agaimst him. Margera needs to maintain a 100-yard distance from both Cardenas and his home.

Bam Margera arrested for domestic violence

March remained an eventful month for Margera as it started with an arrest for domestic violence. TMZ reported that a woman, presumably his current girlfriend, Jessica, filed a complaint at the San Diego County Sheriff's Department that the former skateboarding star kicked her. The same police department informed the news outlet that he paid $50,000 for bail and was released from jail the day after his arrest. 


Bam Margera arrested for public intoxication

Margera, who has been struggling with substance abuse, was arrested for public intoxication in March. TMZ reported at that time that the Burbank police got a call saying that there was a disturbance at a Thai restaurant. When the police reached the place they found Margera in a verbal dispute with a woman, who was not his wife Nicole "Nikki" Boyd. The police said that Boyd and their five-year old son, Phoenix, were inside the restaurant at that time. Margera was booked for public intoxication. The news outlet reported he had two choices - either he had to pay $500 as fine or he had to stay in police custody till he became sober.

Bam Margera’s relationship with estranged wife Nikki Boyd

In February, Boyd filed for divorce from the ‘Bam's Unholy Union’ star citing irreconcilable differences, as reported by TMZ. She also wanted to have custody of Phoenix and asked the court for spousal support from Margera.


However, after Margera appeared intoxicated in the restaurant, Boyd was considering a restraining order for Margera owing to the safety of their son. According to TMZ, she said that it "was scary for me and even more scary for Phoenix," adding that "the visitation that Bam had with Phoenix the prior day in Hollywood went reasonably well." She said that this was "the umpteenth time that Bam takes one step forward and ten steps back."

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 Bam Margera sued for threatening to use brass knuckles on man having 'loud sex' next to GF's daughter