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'Bachelor in Paradise' fans says Lace Morris is 32 and single because she 'hasn't changed at all'

'This is the same attitude she had last time always expecting the guys to kiss her a**,' said a viewer
UPDATED SEP 28, 2022
Lace Morris in 'Bachelor in Paradise' Season 8 Episode 1 (ABC)
Lace Morris in 'Bachelor in Paradise' Season 8 Episode 1 (ABC)

'Bachelor in Paradise' Season 8 fans are already making noise for Lace Morris. The 32-year-old Lace is no stranger to Bachelor Nation. The reality star was previously seen in Ben Higgin's season of 'The Bachelor' and then in 'Bachelor in Paradise' Season 3. However, none of her connections from previous seasons lasted long. And, here she lands again to find love.

In the premiere episode of 'Bachelor in Paradise', Lace is seen telling the producers about how hopeless she feels. The star claims, "I'm the prettiest I've been ever, and how am I not being pursued? It blows my mind". 'BiP' fans believe that Lace's attitude is not attractive at all. Instead, fans troll her for being "fake". Moreover, Lace was seen trying hard to get attention in the premiere episode by faking her birthday to Wells Adams. Soon after that contestants were seen doing shots for Lace's birthday. Well, her real birthday is on November 3. For the same, 'BiP' fans trolled Lace and asked her to work on her mental status. Keep reading to know more.


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'Bachelor in Paradise' seems to be joining Lace's hate club in abundance. After seeing her craving for attention in the show, a fan slammed, "Lace needs to work on her mental health and confidence before she can be in a relationship or she is playing an act. She is Demi 2.0 #BachelorInParadise". Moreover, another fan took notice of Lace's claim when she said she has worked on herself, "Lace says she's worked on herself like gurl where??? This is the same attitude she had last time always expecting the guys to kiss her a** #BachelorInParadise". Another one compared Lace's current personality with previous seasons, "OMG Lace hasn't changed at all. #BachelorinParadise". Well, it seems fans have already concluded that the main reason for Lace not getting the love of her life is because of her attitude and mental health, "No wonder Lace is 32 and still single this is cringeeee. #BachelorInParadise", claimed a fan.





After noticing Lace fake her birthday in the premiere episode of 'Bachelor in Paradise' Season 8, a fan wrote, "Lace's faking her birthday. Really? #BachelorInParadise". Another slammed, "When Lace said she was going to fake it... I didn't think she meant a fake birthday... I feel like I saw that plot on a Saved By The Bell ep @ArdenMyrin @annahossnieh #bachelorinparadise #wyatr". Furthermore, a fan cringed at Lace's attitude wishing, "Lace is ew. Just to get attention saying it’s her birthday. I hope she doesn’t get a rose #BachelorInParadise". It seems that 'BiP' fans are well aware of Lace's behavior. They now wonder what new side of her will 'Bachelor in Paradise' Season 8 bring. "Lace has always been a Disaster. I wonder what's gonna be different this time. #bip #bachelorinparadise", claimed a fan.





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