'Bachelor in Paradise' Season 8 on ABC: Meet the bachelors!

'Bachelor in Paradise' Season 8 on ABC: Meet the bachelors!
Andrew Spencer, Brandon Jones and Brittany Galvin star in ABC's 'Bachelor in Paradise' Season 8 (@bachelorinparadise/Instagram)

The idea of 'Bachelor In Paradise' is pretty simple: cast-offs from previous seasons of 'The Bachelor' shows are all flown into a Mexican resort to mingle and, ideally, find love. The first week starts with a bunch of contestants, and either the men or the women are given date cards to hand out to whoever they want to get to know better—who's in control of the date cards switches off each week. 

Just like on 'The Bachelor' or 'The Bachelorette,' there are weekly rose ceremonies, but with a twist. Much like with the date cards, the men and women take turns handing out roses to each other each week. It's much more of a mutual decision than the traditional show, but one thing stays the same—if you don't get one, you get sent home.


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Meet ABC's most eligible 'bachelors' and their host!

Jesse Palmer

Jesse Palmer, the host of 'Bachelor in Paradise' Season 8, is a Canadian television personality, sports commentator, actor, and former professional football player who was a quarterback in the National Football League for five seasons in the early 2000s. Palmer and Emely Fardo secretly tied the knot in June 2020. According to Celebrity Networth, Jesse has a networth of $8 million.


Romeo Alexander

Last seen on Michelle Young’s season of 'The Bachelorette' Season 18. The 1989 born Romeo, uses his mathematician skills acquired at Harvard University for his current position as a data scientist over at the company Ramp. Alexander is reportedly dating Elizabeth Corrigan. 


Michael Allio
A contestant on the Season 17 of 'The Bachelorette'. Allio had to quit in week 7 due to concerns over his son. He returns for Season 8 of 'Bachelor in Paradise'. A single dad who loves his son, Michael, definitely is one of the most wholesome people on the show. The single dad has been open about losing his wife Laura Ritter-Allio to cancer in 2019 when she was only 33 years old. A self-proclaimed mountain person, it'll be interesting to see how Allio fares at the beach. Realitytitbit.com estimates Michael to be worth between $500K to $1 million.


Shanae Ankney
Shanae is a small-town girl with a huge personality. She describes herself as faithful, patient, and lovable and is here to find a man who can keep up with her in all facets of life. She is looking for a man with confidence that won’t waste time playing games. Shanae Ankney works for the financial services company OPOC.us as a relationship analyst and director of recruitment. Shanae is expected to have a net worth of $110K from her profession.



Jill Chin
A contestant on the Season 26 of 'The Bachelor', she was eliminated in week 4. She returns for the Season 8 of 'Bachelor in Paradise'. A Rhode Island native, Jill is full of life and personality. She loves being outside, walking around the local cemeteries and going out for drinks with the girls, but she is tired of being the only single one in her group of friends.


Brittany Galvin

Brittany is a sexy and sassy woman who is ready to take a different approach to her dating life. Single for the first time in a long time, this serial monogamist is ready to break out of her Chicago bubble and experience love with a new type of man. She describes herself as a social butterfly that, in a pre-Covid world, loves to go out and have a good time. Galvin was a contestant on Season 25 of 'The Bachelor'. She arrived in week 3 and was eliminated in week 5. An accomplished TV and radio personality, Galvin has a net worth of $1 million


Justin Glaze
Justin is one hell of a catch – tall, handsome, has a great career in investment sales, and for the cherry on top, he is also an extremely talented painter. He comes from a loving family and credits his parents, who have been happily married for over 30 years, with providing him an excellent example of what a successful relationship should look like. While Justin has dated around, he’s never been one to settle and just hasn’t found “the one.” For Justin, that one woman is someone who is equally beautiful on the inside and out, trustworthy and committed to the idea of teamwork in a relationship. 


Hunter Haag
According to ABC's description of her, "Hunter is a Disney Princess looking for her Prince Charming. But seriously, Hunter used to work at Walt Disney World as a princess which 1) is way more competitive than you think, and 2) absolutely makes sense when you get to know her. She is genuine, empathetic and compassionate. She describes herself as a romantic who longs for a relationship like you see in rom-coms. She is looking for a man who is loving, athletic and outdoorsy." Hunter's net worth is estimated to be between $1 million and $5 million. This includes her assets, money, and income.


Sierra Jackson

Bold and beautiful, Sierra loves traveling, yoga, dressing to impress, and working toward achieving her goals. Sierra says that everything she does has deep thought and purpose. Jackson graduated from University of Central Oklahoma and has a bachelor's degree in Science in Fashion Marketing.


Brandon Jones

Runner-up contestant on Season 18 of 'The Bachelorette', Brandon J. may be young, but he knows exactly what he wants in life and is very serious about finding the one with whom to settle down. He is kind, confident and looking for a wife whose passionate personality can keep up with his. He believes that he's here, in the world, to spread a message of hope. 


Hailey Malles

According to ABC's description, Hailey believes that "her body and career are exactly where she wants them to be: She has the unwavering support of her loving grandma, aka 'Lil Grams', and now she’s just missing a man to complement it all. Hailey has a magnetic personality, is serious about finding love and won’t settle for someone who just looks perfect on paper. She is looking for a family-oriented man with career ambition and a close relationship with God."


Kira Mengistu
Kira Mengistu, one of the most educationally qualified on the show has a bachelor's from Harvard and an MD from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Medicine. Currently, Mengistu is an Attending Physician - Internal Medicine at Penn Medicine, University of Pennsylvania Health System.


Lace Morris

Lace Morris was a contestant on Season 20 of 'The Bachelor'. She quit in week 3. She later appeared on, and won, Season 3 of 'Bachelor in Paradise'. She returned again, for Season 8 of 'Bachelor in Paradise'. She was born on November 3, 1989 in Colorado. She competed on the season of 'The Bachelor' where Ben Higgins was the eponymous bachelor. She studied hospitality and sports communication at the Metropolitan State College of Denver. Her net worth is projected between $1 million to $5 million.


Logan Palmer
Logan is a California beach boy who loves the sun, surf and the idea of finding someone to share them both with for the rest of time. While he loves to hang with his boys, he's ready to trade in bachelorhood and find someone to grow with in a meaningful way. Logan is witty, self-aware and goofy. He is very into self-growth and wants to find someone who is just as much of a free spirit as he is.


Genevieve Parisi

A contestant on Season 26 of 'The Bachelor', she was eliminated in week 7. Genevieve is looking for a man with whom she can get lost in their own little world. She is ambitious, confident and persistent, and says that when she wants something, there isn’t much that can stop her from going for it. Her dream man is someone that will let her maintain her independence and always keep her laughing. She wants someone who won’t be afraid to admit that they are wrong or change their personality when they are “bro-ing out” with the guys. Her relationship goals are Justin and Hailey Bieber. 


Jacob Rapini
Girls and Jacob both love it when his shirt is off. He's picky, but since he's looking for a love to last a lifetime, he doesn't see that as a bad thing. His ideal wife will turn heads with her looks wherever she goes and have beauty on the inside that matches. For Jacob, keeping his fitness routine in check is high on the priority list, so his ideal partner should want to maintain a healthy lifestyle and be able to have fun working up a sweat both in and out of the gym.


Serene Russell

Cat lover Serene Russell has a feline named Leonardo DiCATprio. Although she is an animal lover, guinea pigs seriously freak her out. Serene is an elementary school teacher in Oklahoma, her hometown. Her spirit is robust and her passion is strong. When she’s not making a difference in her student’s lives, she loves to spend time relaxing with close friends or planning her next big adventure. She knows her worth and what she needs to be happy.


Andrew Spencer

Spencer is truly a man of the world. He spends half the year living in Vienna, Austria, where he plays professional football, and the other half in the Chicago area, where he works as a football coach and teacher’s assistant. He says living in Europe has given him an updated outlook on life where people work to live instead of live to work. His net worth is projected at $800K to $1 million


Teddi Wright

"Teddi is all about that instant connection and is looking for someone who won’t be intimidated when she asks hard-hitting questions on the first date,” ABC’s poor, long-suffering bio writer says. “While she is all about forming deep connections, Teddi also wants a man who can have fun with her and who won’t be afraid to join her for a late-night skinny-dip! Teddi is ready for the real thing and just wants to share her heart with someone who truly deserves it. Teddi is a licensed nurse living and working in California. 


Casey Woods
This Florida native was a contestant on Season 18 of 'The Bachelorette' and was eliminated in week 5. Casey is at the point in his life where he wants something serious and long-lasting. Though he loves life in Miami, he says he has outgrown the local dating scene where women care more about their Instagram stories than making meaningful connections. He is looking for a woman who is ready to be a mom because Casey is ready to start a family and give his mom all of the grandchildren she so badly craves! Casey also loves his job raising money for philanthropic ventures.


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