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'Bachelor in Paradise' Season 8: Fans smell love triangle as Genevieve and Shanae have their eyes on Justin

Justin Glaze is seen sharing a kiss with Genevieve Parisi. And he is also being eyed by Shanae Ankey
Genevieve, Justin and Shanae in 'Bachelor in Paradise' Season 8 (Instagram/genparisi/justinglaze/shanae.a)
Genevieve, Justin and Shanae in 'Bachelor in Paradise' Season 8 (Instagram/genparisi/justinglaze/shanae.a)

After watching 'Bachelor in Paradise' Season 8's premiere episode, fans feel the contestants are already being too involved with each other. There has been a spark of the love triangle in the first episode of the show. Justin Glaze is one hell of a catch for many single ladies. The tall, dark, handsome gentleman is not only liked by one, but two ladies on the show. 

Justin is seen sharing a kiss with Genevieve Parisi. And he is also being eyed by Shanae Ankey. Well, it's not yet sure whether Shanae will restrict herself only to be interested in Justin as she is also liked by other men in the house. In the premiere episode, men were seen talking mostly about Shanae's beauty and her green eye.


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This is not the first time Shanae and Genevieve have been caught up in a love triangle. Their fate collided in Clayton Echard's season of 'The Bachelor'. Clayton took both of them on 2-on-1 date on the show. However, neither ended up with Clayton in the end. Furthermore, later the two women were caught up in a heated argument over social media. As per Distractify, back then Genevieve posted a photo on social media, saying, "F**K Shanae". Later she apologized after fans slammed her but the feud between the reality stars continued.

It's hard to say this early whether Genevieve will end up with Justin or not. For now, it's sure that Genevieve, the same as Shanae, is also exploring other opportunities. Even though Genevive and Justin have started spending more time with each other, every time Aaron walks in, Genevieve seems to be running out. However, the love triangle between Shanae, Justin, and Genevieve seems to explode on the internet. Fans are interested in this as it's going to spice up the storyline. "Straight out the gate with the drama! Both Genevieve and Shanae have their eyes on Justin #BachelorInParadis", wrote a fan. Another swore, "I swear if Justin is in the middle of a love triangle between Genevieve and Shanae... #BIP #BachelorInParadise". Well, it seems that fans have already started betting on Genevieve and Shanae's relationship. One claimed, "So Genevieve and Shanae are best buddies now? I said they'd either show up as best friends or they'd hate each other... #BachelorInParadise". 




A fan joked about Genevieve and Shanae bond, claiming, "Shanae has one fan and that person’s name is Genevieve #BachelorInParadise". Well, it seems that a few fans don't like Justin bonding with Genevieve. A user slammed Genevieve and cautioned Justing, saying, "@Justin_Glaze you’re wayyy too good for Genevieve please do not! That girl is a box of nuts that desperately needs some plastic surgery #BachelorInParadise".



We are eagerly waiting for the next episode to know whether Justin, Genevieve, and Shanae's relationship stand. Until then, tune in to ABC to watch 'Bachelor in Paradise' Season 8. The show airs every Tuesday at 8 pm ET/PT. 

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