'American Idol': Ava August compared to Judy Garland after 'Both Sides Now' duet with Josh Groban

Ava August left all judges in awe with her 'Driver's Licence' solo and then hit it out of the park as she dueted with Groban to cover Joni Mitchell's song

                            'American Idol': Ava August compared to Judy Garland after 'Both Sides Now' duet with Josh Groban
Ava August, 15, on 'American Idol' Season 19 (ABC), Judy Garland ((Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

Ava August had the judges eating out of her hand after her performances in the All-Star solos and duets round. She kicked things up with one of the biggest songs of the moment, Olivia Rodrigo's 'Driver's Licence', and did ample justice to the original while adding her own "old soul" spin to it, leaving the judges looking like they were in a state of trance. 

Later on, she was joined by Josh Groban for a duet performance to Joni Mitchell's hit 'Both Sides Now' and it was one of the most beautiful moments of the night according to the judges as well as the fans watching from home. The 15-year-old singer was absolute perfection with both the performances and the judges made sure they weren't skimping on the appreciation for the magic Ava wielded on stage. 


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Ava August in 'American Idol' (ABC)

Lionel Richie who was thoroughly smiling while Ava delivered her performances went first with his comments. "Do you realize you are singing far behind your age? If you are singing like this at 15, you with your driver's license you're gonna be terrifying," he said. "You are an old soul and I think your soul is saying I am coming back this time I am going to do it right, 100% ace this test of life and become that queen," Katy Perry said to Ava.  

"I keep thinking about you and Josh's performance, it's like seeing Judy Garland up there. Your delivery keeps us right there in your hands and that's stuff that 15-year-olds should not be doing," Luke Bryan told Ava, thoroughly impressed by her artistry. 

Ava August in the all star solos and duets round in 'American Idol' (ABC)

Fans brand Ava August as an early winner of 'American Idol' Season 19

"OMG! Ever since #AmericanIdol started, this is the very first time I’ve cried watching a contestant sing! You are the @AmericanIdol Ava! The duet was the best!!! @avaaugust WOW! Just WOW!!! @joshgroban," wrote a fan on Twitter. "I think 15-year-old Ava August is the one to beat in #AmericanIdol ...her voice is uniquely mesmerizing and she doesn’t even have her driver’s license, yet. She’s the youngest person left in the competition and just had a #wow moment on a duet with Josh Groban." another comment read. 





"#AmericanIdol by leaps and bounds and was better then anything last night or this season. some auditions were close but that was magnificent !!!ava august just won American Idol in my book. it will take a miracle to beat her. or bias," read another tweet. "I’ve watched less than 10 minutes of #AmericanIdol this season and I can already tell you the winner. Ava August. And it’s not even close. Don’t have to watch anyone else," read another tweet. "end competition crown ava #AmericanIdol ...its over!! for this week at least" wrote another fan. 








'American Idol' airs Sunday and Monday at 8 pm ET on ABC. 

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