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Netflix 'Autumn Girl' Review: In a fickle men's world, Jędrusik is unapologetically herself

The Netflix musical biopic follows the life of Polish singer and actress Kalina Jędrusik, who was known for her bold approach and progressive personality
Maria Dębska stars as Kalina Jędrusik in 'Autumn Girl' (Netflix)
Maria Dębska stars as Kalina Jędrusik in 'Autumn Girl' (Netflix)

Spoilers for Netflix's 'Autumn Girl'

Musicals have and continue to be one of the most expressive and immersive genres of cinema and Netflix just brought us a new one to dive into with a Polish biographical musical movie titled 'Autumn Girl'.

Based on the life of the popular Polish singer and actress Kalina Jędrusik, who was known for her bold approach and progressive personality, the Netflix musical chronicles an important struggle of her life. The official Netflix synopsis reads, "In 1960s Poland, performer Kalina Jędrusik is at the height of her popularity but must contend with a spurned official threatening to ruin her career." Here are our thoughts on the movie and a few important moments that went down.


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The movie begins with a glimpse into the expectations set for women in the 1960s which are ridiculous and contradictory. Kalina Jedrusik (Maria Dębska) points out how the women are expected to be chick yet modest, sexy yet homely, while the men just enjoy themselves. The singer and actress is one of the most popular artists of the time and attracts mens' lust and the disdain of their wives. But that doesn't bother her because it's not her fault as she is happy with her husband and has her own private fun.

Maria Dębska as Kalina Jędrusik in 'Autumn Girl' (Netflix)

Maria Dębska as Kalina Jędrusik gives an excellent performance and has fun with her character as she reflects the bold and beautiful woman the singer was. But unfortunately, it's a fickle men's world and we see Jedrusik facing suspension from television when she turns down a director who wanted to sleep with her.

The movie does a great job bringing to light the double standards that existed back then and still exist to this day between men and women. This fact is exactly what made Jedrusik so refreshing and iconic as she refuses to bow down and is unapologetically herself in everything she does. The musical is enjoyable as she bursts into songs that perfectly capture her emotions with apt lyrics.

Maria Dębska as Kalina Jędrusik in 'Autumn Girl' (Netflix)

Her confidence is what lets her make a successful comeback and the slap on the face to the director who attempted to ruin her career is extremely satisfying. This is a story of a woman who knows her worth and won't let anyone make her feel less, which is a great example for everyone.

An amusing watch that captures the essence of what being a woman is and what a woman can be, 'Autumn Girl' is a fine, casual watch to turn into with the ladies and especially the men who need to be called out.

'Autumn Girl' is now streaming on Netflix.