'Arrowverse' SDCC 2019 news has fans excited for Ruby Rose's 'Batwoman' and weeping Green Arrow star Stephen Amell's departure

With endings come beginnings. And this time around, Green Arrow's departs making room for 'Batwoman'. Fans, while missing Amell's character, are hopeful of the future Rose will usher in

                            'Arrowverse' SDCC 2019 news has fans excited for Ruby Rose's 'Batwoman' and weeping Green Arrow star Stephen Amell's departure

If you are a fan of the comic book universe, you already know that the San Diego Comic-Con was the place to be from July 19 – July 21. From new trailers and announcements of new movies to surprise premieres and accidental spoiler reveals, there was much to look forward to from SDCC 2019.

This year, none of the big studios disappointed us, having come out with some of the biggest shows, and giving fans what they truly wanted – a great time with their favorite stars. However, no network pleased like The CW, and no universe delivered as the 'Arrowverse' did.

Having begun with 'Arrow' starring Stephen Amell in 2012, 'Arrowverse' is now the same universe in which 'The Flash', 'Supergirl', 'Legends of Tomorrow' and the upcoming 'Batwoman' co-exist. It was obviously a bittersweet event for fans of Arrowverse, who got to welcome Ruby Rose into the fold but had to say goodbye to Stephen Amell, who was the de facto leader of The CW’s superheroes (minus Black Lightning).



Amell, who plays the role of Oliver Green (Green Arrow) was present at the 2019 SDCC, along with co-stars Rick Gonzalez, David Ramsey, Julianna Harkavy, Kate Cassidy, and executive producer Marc Guggenheim, who were all of the opinion that the time was nigh for 'Arrow' to bid adieu.

It remains to be seen how the remaining shows will cope with the absence of this one, but the stars of the other shows made it loud and clear that they are certainly going to miss their OG superhero.

Amell was the center of attention during the various panels and interviews of 'Arrowverse' stars and showrunners, with everyone showering praises on the actor who played the Emerald Archer all these years.



As Caity Lotz told MEA WorldWide (MEAWW) at the EW Comic-Con bash 2019, "With 'Arrow' ending this year, it hits you cause you're like 'Oh my God, all this won't last forever'. You have to really appreciate it. And coming to Comic-Con really allows you to feel part of something because of all the fans here and you're a part of what they are a part of. That makes it bigger which is exciting."

"The 'Arrowverse' won't be the same without the Green Arrow we the fans will miss you,” tweeted one fan, while another wrote, “Just like how without RDJ the MCU... without Stephen Amell, the 'Arrowverse' wouldn't exist!! Thank you for everything these last 8 years!! Arrow was my 2nd DC comic book TV show (Smallville 1st) and it will forever hold a special place in my heart!! Always and Forever!"


However, with endings come beginnings, and this time around, the Green Arrow's departure is making room for 'Batwoman' and fans seem to certainly be excited about that. Rose's portrayal of the caped crusader's equally badass cousin is widely anticipated.

Another announcement that the 'Arrowverse' made at SDCC 2019 is that Brandon Routh, currently Atom on 'Legends of Tomorrow', will reprise his role of Superman in a crossover episode. What makes it such an exciting surprise for fans is that Routh had played the Man of Steel in the Warner Bros. film 'Superman Returns'. This obviously made for celebratory news for the fans, and we could tell because of the tweets.

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