Arna Kimiai: Woman who coughed on Uber driver allegedly drove while smoking a blunt after release on $75,000 bail

"Who’s in jail right now ??" Arna captioned her controversial Instagram video where she is driving a car while getting high

                            Arna Kimiai: Woman who coughed on Uber driver allegedly drove while smoking a blunt after release on $75,000 bail
Arna Kimiai seen smoking a blunt while driving (R) (Instagram/keepingupwforeignn)

Arna Kimiai, the infamous 'Uber Bully' who was charged with robbery, assault, and misdemeanor battery after coughing on San Francisco Uber driver Subhakar Khadka, seems to engage in further violation of laws. After securing her release on bail at $75,000, Arna was allegedly spotted smoking a blunt while driving. She shared an Instagram video of the same, with the caption "Who’s in jail right now ??"

In another Instagram story, she appeared to be smoking cannabis and was "visibly intoxicated". She posted the video about a week ago on March 16 and the Instagram story was posted on Friday, March 26. In the first video, Arna is driving her car while taking drags from a blunt in her hand. In the Instagram story, she can be seen reveling in the backseat of a car and grooving to music. There is a layer of smoke around her, which many believe to be cannabis. 


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When was Arna Kimiai released on bail?

Arna turned herself in to the police on Sunday, March 14, at 7 pm and was out on bail by Monday, a Twitter user Porochista Khakpour — whose handle is @PKhakpour — tweeted. 

"Oh great Arna Kimiai (the Uber anti-masker who assaulted her Asian driver) has been out on bail, driving around SF waving a blunt like she is a corny music video main character. The worst. She turned herself in that Sunday at 7pm, was out on Monday. 75K," she wrote. 


Another tweet claimed that she was back in Los Angeles from Miami. Reporter Cam Richtik shared the Instagram video where she appears to be allegedly smoking cannabis. "@911LAPD 2 hours ago Arna Kimiai posted a video of her smoking cannabis while driving visibly intoxicated on her Instagram story. She’s currently out on bail for 2 felonies, just returned from Miami riots & plans to travel to UAE. Your non-emergency lines are not taking calls," tweeted Richtik.



Post her bail release, Arna appears to have opened a new Instagram account where her bio reads, "Started a new account. Told y’all I’d be out. Watch what’s bout to happen next."

In the new account, she posted several photos, including a video of her Uber ride with Subhakar Khadka, where she tried to portray herself as the victim, accusing Khadka of "really tryna go viral and making us look like pieces of garbage. He provoked us and was taunting us."



Arna Kimiai's past controversies and charges

Twenty-four-year-old Arna is the daughter of Farshad Kimiai, an incarcerated sex offender from California. On March 7, 2021, when Arna Kimiai boarded Subhakar Khadka's cab along with Malaysia King and then assaulted him for asking them to wear facemasks.

Prior to this, Arna was arrested and booked several times on multiple charges - ranging from battery to burglary. In July 2015, she was arrested in LA for battery on one person. In February 2019, she took an unsafe turn and was accused of striking another woman's vehicle, who later filed a civil suit against her. In February 2020, she was arrested on burglary charges by Orange County Sheriff's Office reported Conan Daily. Months later, on July 16, 2020, Kimiai was arrested for taking a vehicle without the owner's consent.