Who is Farshad Kimiai? Sex offender's daughter Arna, who coughed on Uber driver, charged with robbery, assault

Farshad Kimiai is an incarcerated 'sexual predator', whose daughter Arna Kimiai also has multiple charges against her

                            Who is Farshad Kimiai? Sex offender's daughter Arna, who coughed on Uber driver, charged with robbery, assault
Farshad Kimiai (L) and Arna Kimiai (R) (California Megan's Law, Law Enforcement Records)

"Like father like daughter," remarked a Twitter user after it was discovered that San Francisco Uber bully Arna Kimiai's father happens to be incarcerated sexual offender Farshad Kimiai. On Thursday, March 18, 2021, Arna was charged with multiple counts including attempted robbery, assault, and misdemeanor battery, following her infamous 'coughing' episode on Uber driver Subhakar Khadka. The incident took place on March 7, when Arna Kimiai boarded Khadka's cab along with Malaysia King and then assaulted him for asking them to wear facemasks.

The video of the assault which later went viral, also shows her ripping off Khadka's mask and snatching his phone. 24-year-old Arna also reportedly uttered racial profanities at Khadka during the brief cab ride, reports The Independent. 


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Who is Arna Kimiai's father Farshad Kimiai?

Farshad Kimiai is the 60-year-old father of Arna Kimiai and is currently serving a prison sentence for sexual battery. He was born on August 8, 1960, and was a native of California. He belongs to a Persian descent and owned an 8160 sq. ft. property in El Cerrito Hills, along with Shahnaz Gholami, as per BlockShopper records. Gholami is most likely his wife since a family law case record on Trellis indicates a petition for dissolution of marriage filed on March 5, 2001. 

Prior to his arrest, Kimiai was the owner of Arna Enterprises, Inc., a firm based in Richmond, California which was incorporated on August 6, 1998. The business was later suspended. A LinkedIn profile believed to be of Farshad Kimiai enlists his profession as 'transportation' at CEO Focus. It also shows his academic qualification as a Civil Engineer from Lincoln College, England. According to TV Guide Time, Kimiai worked as a finance manager. 

Farshad Kimiai (Linkedin/Farshad Kimiai)

In 2016, Farshad Kimiai was arrested in El Cerrito on charges of sexual battery. Though little is known about the charges against him, it is evident that his daughter followed the father's stride, especially with multiple reports and complaints against her. 




Twitter says 'The entire family is shady'

As information about Arna Kimiai's controversial past and convicted father surfaced, internet users expressed their disapproval of the father-daughter duo in quite strong words. 

"Farshad Kimiai, Arna Kimiai's father, a sexual offender in prison. Like father like daughter. Happy reunion for the both of them in prison," wrote one, while another added, " Arna Kimiai, who is now a repeat offender, assaulted Uber driver Subhakar Khadka with Malaysia King, moonlights as an escort, is the daughter of sexual offender Farshad Kimiai. The entire family is shady."



Another user expressed, "Allegedly she’s been arrested before (about 4 times). I hope her dad isn’t the sexual predator from El Cerritos. #arnakimiai." It seems that their assumption is quite right, since Farshad Kimiai is a sexual predator hailing from El Cerrito Hills.







If convicted for the charges against her, Arna Kimiai can face up to 16 years in prison.