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Did Armie Hammer assault a Tinder date? Deleted posts and accounts allege wild encounters with 'Crisis' actor

Before the slew of Twitter allegations roared their way in, back in July 2020, a comment on a Lipstick Alley post recounted an alleged encounter with the actor
From ex-girlfriends to past flings and alleged Tinder dates, there are several allegations towards Armie Hammer (Getty Images)
From ex-girlfriends to past flings and alleged Tinder dates, there are several allegations towards Armie Hammer (Getty Images)

Right at the onset of 2021, when people had high hopes and dreams for the year that followed 2020, Twitter came through with the biggest shocker of all — Hollywood's golden hunk Armie Hammer was accused of disturbing kinks involving rape, violence, and even cannibalism. From ex-girlfriends to past flings and alleged Tinder dates, everybody was coming forward with DMs from Hammer's apparent private Instagram account where messages sent from the user elaborated on his kinks.

But before the slew of Twitter allegations roared their way in, back in July 2020, a post on Lipstick Alley discussing the announcement of Hammer's split from wife Elizabeth Chambers drew a comment where the user detailed a harrowing recount of their friend's alleged assault at Hammer's hands. Although all original sources are most deactivated social media pages, a Reddit post details the entire saga of the woman's side of the story claiming she was 'raped' by Hammer.


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Reddit post alleging date rape

Posted by Reddit user 'u/tellytugboat' on January 13, 2021, the post explains: "The OG post on LSA was called Be Careful Who You Match With On Tinder. It's since been made private. Users of the site keep saying it's been locked in The Dark Room, which I assume is a type of admins-only area. The allegation was reposted in the comments of a July 10, 2020 thread discussing Armie Hammer's divorce announcement." 

The user then proceeds to copy-paste the entire comment in italics, where the commenter claims they are sharing the detailed encounter their friend underwent, with permission from said friend.

The post reads, "I'm posting this with the approval of my friend, but she doesn't want anything traced back to her that's identifiable or anything. We all have this group chat with the 5 of us in it and two of us are married, one is engaged and two are single. We all used to meet up from time to time to go on a girl trips or just hangout to see what was going on in our lives. We all also live in different states now, too (all of this information plays into the tea)."

Armie Hammer with estranged wife Elizabeth Chambers at New York Fashion Week Mens' on February 7, 2018, in New York City (Getty Images)

Who made the post?

They then continue, "Last year, when we were hanging out, we noticed that one of the friends who was single was acting really weird. She's always been this beaming, happy go lucky and carefree girl, but she just looked dazed and confused. Asked her if she was okay, she smiled and didn't say anything. A few days later, our other single friend texts in the group chat she was going to meet up with somebody she met on Tinder and the one that was acting weird told her to be careful because people aren't who you think they are on there. So we asked her what was up, and she proceeded to tell us that the guy she told us she'd been seeing occasionally since 2018 was actually this actor. So we asked her, 'well what actor?' and she told us it was @rm!3 h@mm3r.'"

The friend then shared with the commenter and their other friends how the actor would allegedly hook up with them at hotels after matching on Tinder, where Hammer was catfishing with another man's photos. "She said that they started hooking up at this hotel and everything was well. They matched on Tinder, but the guy she matched with wasn't him. It was some random dude's photo, so when he showed up at the hotel, she was like "wtf?". He told her he does that to be completely anonymous and that if she wanted to leave he understood."

Armie Hammer at New York Fashion Week Mens' on February 7, 2018, in New York City (Getty Images)

The alleged assault

Things allegedly went fine for a while, but their last encounter left the said friend 'traumatized', the comment added. "After this, he was always nice when they met up and everything, but the last time traumatized her. She said that she had never been put into a sexual situation like that in her life at all, but because they had built up this trust, she allowed him to tie her up. They set up this safeword and everything before they started, but when she started saying he was hurting her and using the safeword, he shoved three of his fingers in her mouth to the point where she felt like she couldn't breathe and the rope started burning into her skin and after he was finished, he ejaculated on her and left her tied up like this."

A photo was apparently shared, but since the original post isn't accessible, we cannot clarify what the picture entailed. 

The actor then allegedly "went to go take a shower. She started crying, because she was fearing for her life at this point. Couldn't move, couldn't do anything at all. She said he came out the shower, started jacking off and then held her face and ejaculated on it as well. Afterwards he untied her, told her he'd love to meet up again and then left because his wife was calling. She told us the other day that she hasn't done anything sexual with anybody or with herself since it happened, because of how she feels. She also said that she realized he lured her into this false sense of trust and security and used that to violate her."

The Reddit post also shares that the comment was edited to add "EDIT: She is pursuing legal action against him in regards to her mental state and abuse. The letter of representation went out two days ago. I won't be updating this thread with anything else until my friend let's me know it's okay to do so."

Armie Hammer speaks onstage during the 2019 Film Independent Spirit Awards in Santa Monica, California (Getty Images)

Facts were changed

In another edit on the Reddit comment, user 'u/tellytugboat' mentions certain clarifications to the above-detailed encounter, especially surrounding the circumstances of the alleged victim meeting the actor. The user updated the article a week later, on January 20, to note "The accuser has come forward in an Instagram account called milkandhoneyroses. She confirms the details, originally posted anonymously by a friend on Lipstick Alley. The only discrepancy, she says, is the manner in which they met — details that had originally been changed to protect her identity. In 2020, the anonymous accusation stated they met via Tinder. The accuser has come forward today to say that they met in 2017 at the Berlin International Film Festival."

Hammer himself has also spoken out against the allegations, rubbishing all the claims, while noting he had been withdrawing from upcoming projects to stay close to his very young children.