Maskless Arizona 'Karen' tackled by Bath and Body Works staff over racist rant, Internet says 'she deserved it'

It is believed that the woman in question also used the N-word to abuse an African-American woman with a child

                            Maskless Arizona 'Karen' tackled by Bath and Body Works staff over racist rant, Internet says 'she deserved it'
A fight broke out at Bath and Body Works in Arizona (Twitter/Pat Garofalo)

A video from a Bath and Body Works store in Scottsdale, Arizona, is now being circulated all over social media. The video shows the store workers efficiently tackling an unmasked customer who went rogue and attacked the employees over the issue of some cutting in line, said the Scottsdale Police Department. 

The woman who raised the ruckus is being dubbed as a 'Karen' by the Internet, as she started the brawl and even abused an African-American woman using the n-word. Once the heated exchange got physical, the store workers efficiently stepped into the scene and saved the day.


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What happened at the Scottsdale Bath & Body Works store?

An argument broke out at the Bath & Body Works outlet in Fashion Square Mall, Scottsdale on Saturday, March 6, 2021, where a middle-aged woman started creating a scene after another customer in queue complained that she was standing too close. Within a short while, the matter escalated as the women can be seen hitting each other in the video. Viewers later also noted that the arguing White woman cannot be seen wearing a mask, though it is unclear if this was one of the issues leading to the fight.

"So the Bath and Body Works fight happened at the Fashion Square Mall in Scottsdale, AZ. Allegedly, the backstory is that the Karen was not wearing a mask and harassed masked customers. She also called the N-word to the lady she was standing close to. This is another angle," shared one Twitter user. 



However, Scottsdale police later clarified that the fight did not start due to the absence of a mask, states AZ Central. A person in the store who shot a video of the now-viral fight, caught some glimpses of the initial moments, which shows the older White woman hurling abuse at the African-American woman who had a child with her. It is believed that she might have asked the White woman to maintain social distancing. 

Initially, three employees can be seen trying to break up the fight and asked the woman to leave the store. Meanwhile, two other women walk up and one of the women (not clear as to who) hurled abusive slangs like 'trailer park trash', while another threw a bag. As an employee tried to push the first woman away from the commotion, she gets furious and rips off the employee's mask, grabs her hair and pulls the store worker to the ground.

Other workers then swooped in to break up the fight and are eventually spotted on the ground wrestling and fighting. At one point, four employees can be seen tackling two women customers on the ground. As of now, two women have been criminally charged for the altercation, revealed the police.  

Twitter says 'give them a paid vacation'

Ever since the video went viral, Twitterati did not take long to dub the unmasked woman as a 'Karen' and call her out for her tantrums. Some even hailed Bath & Body Works employees for tackling the fight all by themselves, while a few believed it could invite a lawsuit for the store. "Idk what happened in that bath and body works but ik the customer deserved it," wrote an user. "If Bath and Body Works fires these employees I will rain hellfire from the skies!! GIVE  THEM  A  PAID  VACATION" - tweeted one, while another felt - "Bath and Body Works employees beat up a customers for apparently not wearing a mask. Time for this woman to lawyer up and sue them for every penny they have!!!"

"Can someone start a petition to make it policy for all Karens to receive the Bath and Body Works treatment when they act up?" asked one user. "Shoutout to the second girl from Bath and Body works video who came to her girls side when a karen got slick," pointed out another user.











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