Arizona 'Karen' calls Black man a 'b****', berates him for 'hanging out with rich White kids' in drunken rant

The woman gets out of her car and starts yelling at them without provocation and repeatedly insults them over the course of the 2:20-minute rant

                            Arizona 'Karen' calls Black man a 'b****', berates him for 'hanging out with rich White kids' in drunken rant

An Arizona 'Karen' was caught on video ranting at a truck full of friends and targeting a Black man by berating him for "hanging out with White kids." In the 2.5-minute video, which was first uploaded on Reddit, the woman could be seen getting out of her vehicle and yelling something indecipherable at the people inside the truck, who were laughing and playing music as she ranted.

Eventually, they turn down the music and she can be heard reprimanding them for laughing at her. "You're f******* laughing?! You laughing now? Keep f****** laughing bro," she says, wildly gesticulating with her hands. "You want to know why? You want to know f****** why? Cause you Black b****. You f****** Black. You Black hanging out with rich White kids, and that's your problem!"

The men inside the truck can be heard mumbling away and brushing off her comments as she continues her tirade without a pause. "F*** you. Oh, I'm getting you pissed now. I'm getting you f****** pissed now. Cause that is your f****** s***. I'm getting you f****** p***** now. I ain't checking s*** out bro!"

She briefly pauses after this but then continues yelling at the friends, who start humming and singing to annoy her. She joins them, sarcastically humming the tune before turning her attention to the White people in the car and yelling at them for filming her. "You know what's so good is you ignorant White f****," she tells them. "You little millennials sitting here videotaping my a**. 

When the guys ask her what her age is in return, she goes off on another tangent before again breaking out in some off-tune humming. Eventually, the Black man gets out of the vehicle, goes by to the driver's side, strikes a pose, and mockingly exclaims, 'Crikey!' as everyone else starts laughing. "Look at this species, mate," he says in a fake Australian accent, seemingly imitating Steve Irwin. 

He then became serious and told her calmly to get back in her car, saying, "If the cops come, we're all f*****. So why don't we all get in our cars and just calm down?"

The video abruptly ends at this point, with social media users suggesting that she would no doubt be regretting her actions once she was no longer drunk. "Within a week she's going to be apologizing like crazy and blaming the booze. Rehab for her," one commented.

"It’s always some lady between the ages of divorce and menopause," another wrote. "And somehow always has that haircut."

A third pointed out that, if the cops had come, it would likely have been the friends who got into more trouble. "The f***** up thing is ,those kids are the ones in danger if the cops do show up," they posted. "She needs a DUI but I think we all know that the cops wouldn’t just pat them on the back and thank them for doing a civil service. This dumb b**** bitch is gonna get someone killed one way or another."

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