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Optical delusion: Plane seemingly stuck in air sparks bizarre theory that it stopped at ‘red light' in sky

Footage shared on TikTok shows a car going down a highway, but the plane looks like it's staying in the same place the whole time
A bizarre video of an airplane that appears to be stuck in midair has convinced people that it stopped at a traffic light in the sky (TikTok/@plac3bo1)
A bizarre video of an airplane that appears to be stuck in midair has convinced people that it stopped at a traffic light in the sky (TikTok/@plac3bo1)

After seeing strange footage of the plane that seems to have stopped in mid-air, people have begun to believe that it stopped at a traffic light in the sky, among other bizarre theories. However, we all know that there is a more reasonable explanation. It is common knowledge that pilots do not obey the same traffic rules as cars, and of course, there are no traffic lights in the sky. However, this raises an important question: What exactly is the jet doing there? The viral video has left online communities baffled.

The unusual clip was shared by TikToker Denis (@plac3bo1), who wrote: "The plane is stuck in the air looking like it's frozen." The video, captured by the driver's dashcam, shows the plane descending for landing. As the car speeds down the highway, it appears the plane remains in the same spot the entire time.


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Over 3.6 million people have seen the video, and hundreds more have commented on the strange phenomenon. "Just at a red light," quipped one, while another said: "Think there’s a stop light." Others quipped that when the pilot's meal was done, he simply "paused" the video game, with one commenting, "His mother told him to pause the game." "Bro's mom said the dinner is ready," said another, and a third added: "When your mum says pause the online game." Some readers, like this one, sought answers about what was actually going on, and they said as much. "Does anyone have any explanations for this because I'm curious?"

You have to hand it to the Internet; if there's one thing you can't knock it for, it's that any topic can be explained by a conspiracy theory. For some, this is undeniable evidence that the world we know and love is really a simulation. "Hundred percent this is a simulation," wrote one, while another said: "Simulation's broken."

Because of the speed of the vehicle and the viewpoint of the camera, the most probable explanation is that the plane only looks to stay still because of the combination of the two factors. After a video of a similar nature gained widespread attention a year ago, the science and technology editor for Metro, Jeff Parsons, made himself available to share his knowledge on the subject. He wrote: "In all likelihood the motion of the car is counteracting the slowing down of the plane - possibly as it comes in to land." He continued, "Add to that the shifting perspective of the camera and it could seem as if the plane was stationary in the air."

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