Are those IV puncture holes on Biden's hand? Concerns surround POTUS's health again

Are those IV puncture holes on Biden's hand? Concerns surround POTUS's health again
Some images suggest Joe Biden may have recently been administered an IV or his hand is recovering from a puncture wound (Screenshots via Twitter/@triunetimes, @thehill)

Concerns about President Joe Biden's health just don't seem to fade away. Recent pictures of the commander-in-chief's hands have many wondering whether he's been administered an IV of late.

Biden, 79, seems determined to run for a second term, but it is unclear if he will actually follow through or give way to another Democrat given his age, low approval numbers, and constant criticism of his ability to fulfill the nation's top job. Republicans are having a field day with recent instances of the President wandering aimlessly after his speeches. Now, a picture of Biden's hand while he was giving a speech at a rally for Democratic gubernatorial candidate of Florida Charlie Crist suggests that the POTUS may have recently been administered an intravenous (IV) line or is recovering from a puncture wound.


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The picture made waves on the internet and drew the attention of Dr Nan Hayworth MD. “Not making a diagnosis here, but those marks on Mr. Biden’s hand do resemble the residua of punctures," she wrote on Twitter Tuesday, November 2. "Usually, blood draws are done from the antecubital (inside of elbow) vein. Intravenous lines are often inserted in the hands.”


Dr Hayworth earned a biology degree from Princeton University in 1981, followed by a medical degree from Cornell University in 1985. Her opinions found some agreement on Twitter, with several users noting something wasn't quite right.

"Those are IV scars," journalist Ian Miles Cheong tweeted. "I've seen many blown veins from IVs. Usually, after frequent use. Which begs the question: What is Joe Biden frequently getting pumped into his veins?" YouTuber Mrgunsngear wondered.

"I am not a doctor but this looks like an open wound which is not healing," political commentator Kristen Ruby offered. "If that is the case that would signify a much larger issue of possible vascular concern re PVD/PAD. Would love a doctor to weigh in on this. I certainly hope I am wrong and that is not the case."

"The people doing this to another human being better hope they find some 'amnesty' in the next life because they are torturing him," investigative journalist Jennifer Van Laar chimed in.





It's worth noting this isn't the first time sleuths have spotted the wound. Biden's hands had similar marks when photographed days earlier at a campaign event for Governor Kathy Hochul of New York.



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MEAWW previously reported how netizens were baffled over Biden's ‘creepy’ gesture as he appeared to invade an MSNBC interviewer’s personal space while talking about his mental fitness. In an interview on 'The Sunday Show' on October 23, the POTUS addressed concerns about his mental health. "I could get a disease tomorrow, I could drop dead tomorrow," he told host Jonathan Capehart.


Biden later said, "In terms of my energy level, in terms of how much I am able to do, I think people should look and say is he still have the same passion for what he's doing, if they think I do then I can do it" and that "if they don't, they should not encourage me to not to go." The President then placed both his hands on Jonathan's shoulders and loomed, before adding, "But that's not how I feel, I can't even say the age I am going to be. I can't even begin to get it out of the mouth."  

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