How much is Lauren Sanchez's ring worth? Jeff Bezos' girlfriend flaunts huge ring amid engagement rumors

In a lawsuit filed by Lauren Sanchez's brother last year, he refers to Jeff Bezos as the TV star's 'fiance'

                            How much is Lauren Sanchez's ring worth? Jeff Bezos' girlfriend flaunts huge ring amid engagement rumors
Lauren Sanchez tucks away giant diamond ring on her finger as she watches Jeff Bezos (R) speak after his return from space (Photos by Joe Raedle and Mark Wilson for Getty Images)

Jeff Bezos might have made headlines by throwing skittles in space, but back here on Earth, it was girlfriend Lauren Sanchez making all the waves. Why? As if an elegant white Oscar de la Renta attire wasn't enough, sitting atop Sanchez's ring finger was a giant rock while she sat in the crowd that watched her beau become the second billionaire in space, from Van Horn, Texas. Sanchez was seen coyly tucking the massive diamond between her fingers and chin but that didn't stop media from catching the sparkle under her chin — immediately sparking off engagement rumors.

Bezos, who first stepped out with Sanchez in April, and is believed to have wooed her with a Mars conference date, were inseparable after the former amazon CEO returned from his 11-minute trip in a craft that's been compared to a giant penis. Greeted by his children and new girlfriend, Bezos seemed ecstatic as he gave a thumbs up to the camera, dubbing the experience the best one he has enjoyed in his life so far. But could there be another milestone accomplished that the celebrity couple are trying to keep a secret?


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Lauren Sanchez (L) pictured behind Wally Funk (M) and Jeff Bezos walking together after flying into space (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images) 

When Sanchez was first spotted wearing the ring, Kathryn Money, VP of Strategy & Merchandising for Brilliant Earth estimated to Page Six that the ring "features a 7-to 10-carat yellow, heart-shaped diamond and cost approximately $100,000 to $150,000 depending on the quality and specific characteristics of the center yellow diamond.”

Are Jeff Bezos and Lauren Sanchez engaged?

This is not the first time the TV star has been spotted sporting the huge diamond on her finger. Bezos too made sure to name his girlfriend among the list of people it was grand to be around the moment he landed on Earth, telling cameras: "My family was somewhat anxious about this and so it was so sweet actually to get hugged by them after landing, especially my kids and Lauren and my mom and dad and really all of you guys. We have a bunch of close friends here too, it just makes me realize how much I love you and how much I’m loved.”

Sanchez, who was second in line to greet Bezos after he landed, also doused him with affection by planting a big kiss on his cheek. With diamonds all over her pendant necklace, stud earrings, Rolex, and a tennis bracelet, Sanchez dazzled in her $2,600 minidress, stealing the attention from the new billionaire in space. She also wore matching cowboy hats with Bezos, along with cowboy boots completing the look. And all of this has led to the public wondering if Bezos is once again, officially off the market.

Bezos and Sanchez got together after he left his wife MacKenzie Scott in 2019. Scott was missing from the occasion, but Sanchez remained cheering, jumping up and down as bottles of champagne popped, further fuelling those engagement rumors. She also personally congratulated Bezos' brother Mark who accompanied the billionaire on his space trip, and the dynamics led people to speculate she was already more family than friend. Sanchez also showed the same courtesy to the other space travelers who included teenager Oliver Daemen, the current youngest person in space, and also former NASA trainee Wally Funk — the oldest person in space. 

Lauren Sanchez (R) and Jeff Bezos walk near the booster after his space-flight on Blue Origin’s New Shepard (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Sanchez's brother calls Bezos her 'fiance'

But for those looking for a solid confirmation on the couple's engagement, answer comes in the form of a lawsuit against Bezos, filed by none other than Sanchez's own brother. Reported by Page Six in February 2020, Sanchez's brother and Hollywood talent manager Michael Sanchez called the former TV anchor Bezos' “fiancée” in a lawsuit against the Amazon boss and his security chief, Gavin de Becker. Michael claimed both Bezos and de Becker falsely accused him of leaking explicit photos of Bezos to the National Enquirer.

The outlet then broke the news of Bezos' then extramarital affair with Sanchez in January 2019. “While Mr de Becker’s initial asserted theory was that Mr Sanchez had sold out his sister for $200,000, Mr de Becker soon realized this theory would not hold up … it was inconceivable that Mr Sanchez would ruin his relationship with his sister and her current fiancé, the richest man in the world, for financial gain,” the suit filed last year mid-February claimed. However, the lawsuit arrived two months after Sanchez was seen sporting the giant rock on her finger for the first time, as she vacationed with Bezos in St Barts during the holiday season. So far, neither her nor Bezos have addressed these rumors of engagement.

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