First 'penis' in space! Jeff Bezos's phallic Blue Origin space rocket universally trolled

First 'penis' in space! Jeff Bezos's phallic Blue Origin space rocket universally trolled
Many are comparing Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin rocket to a giant phallus (Blue Origin)

Blue Origin's New Shepard rocket launch has the internet abuzz as people are comparing the vessel which takes Jeff Bezos to space to the male genitalia. An overwhelming number of people are of the opinion that the rocket is shaped like a "giant penis."

The Amazon founder and the richest man on earth is being mocked ruthlessly on Twitter after users took a good look at the Blue Origin rocket aboard which Bezos, his brother Mark, 82-year-old Wally Funk, first female air safety investigator for the National Transportation Safety Board, and Dutch teenager Oliver Daemen, are supposed to go on a sub-orbital trip on Tuesday, July 20.


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'We will see Bezos' penis at lift-off?'


"Could @jeffbezos @blueorigin rocket look any more like his white erect penis? Only if it decompresses and squirts him & the other mixed bag of passengers out the large observation windows. @West Hollywood, California," one user said, while another quipped, "How you have a rocket shaped like a penis and called Blue Origin and not expect people to make blue balls jokes." A third simply added, "Blue Origin is a penis with no balls." One more suggested, "I’m sure it’s just a coincidence that the rocket Bezos will be flying not only looks like a giant penis but also has Blue in its name. #BlueOrigin #BezosYouDontHaveToWorkBlue"

The next remarked, "Jeff Bezos is taking a giant leap forward today for penis-shaped rocketry. #JeffBezos #BlueOrigin #amazon." A commenter tweeted, "Real Astronauts don't wear fucking cowboy boots into space... or pay billiins to hitch a ride... in a giant Penis. BO looks like a massive penis. Enjoy your rich man's carnival Penis ride." One more noted, "pssst... your rocket looks like a giant penis - at the very least, a dildo... just sayin' #workingwage #taxthestupidrich." Another pointed out, "Can somebody please just admit that Jeff Bezos rocket needlessly looks like a penis. #BlueOrigin." A person reacted with, "So everybody is making the comparison of Bezos' Blue Origin Rocket to a penis. Does that mean we will see Bezos' penis at lift-off?" Another said, "Come on…..he had to shape that like a penis on purpose."











What happens if the Blue Origin rocket fails?

The Blue Origin's New Shepard rocket has a hail mary system in place in case something goes wrong with the space launch. In the vent of such an emergency, the capsule that carries the passengers is programmed to detach itself from the rocket. Since 2015, the New Shepard has flown successfully 15 times. However, it has never carried humans on board, according to a Business Insider report.

"It's about 10,000 times more dangerous than flying on a commercial airliner," George Nield, a former associate administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration, previously told Insider. "In order to learn how to do this safer, more reliably, and more cost-effectively, many people believe we need to keep gaining experience by having more and more of these flights."

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