'Sister Wives' star Janelle Brown shuts down rumors of her feud with Christine Brown in cryptic post

'Sister Wives' star Janelle Brown shuts down rumors of her feud with Christine Brown in cryptic post
Janelle Brown apparently approves of Christine Brown's (Instagram/@janellebrown117)

FLAGSTAFF, ARIZONA: The Internet has long wondered whether or not 'Sister Wives' stars Janelle Brown and Christine Brown are friends in real life. Although they decided to leave their husbands, the women kept in touch with each other and decided to be friends. However, there were rumors of a rift between the two.

Nonetheless, Janelle took to social media to come clean. She posted a story mentioning Christine, her fiance David Woolley, and their friends. Many users then claimed that it looks like Janelle approved of Christine's fiance David. Let us find out if Christine and Janelle are still friends.


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Are Janelle and Christine Brown still friends?

Yes, they are. A user posted a screenshot of Janelle's Instagram story on a Reddit thread saying, "Yes, Janelle and Christine are still friends." Janelle's Instagram story claimed that she was in Moab, Utah on Saturday. She tagged Christine in her story and said, "@christine_brownsw, David, Savanah, and some friends. It's always a debate for me about getting up early and getting a work out in. Today I kicked my excuses in the bu*t!" This hinted that Janelle got up early to catch up with Christine, her fiance, and others. 

'Rooting for them and their kids to stay lifelong friends'

Sometimes women bond over their bad experiences. The same happened with 'Sister Wives' sar Janelle and Christine. Now that Janelle has shot down the rumors of her not being friends with Christine, people are rooting for both ex-sister wives' long-term friendship. An internet user commented, "I am genuinely rooting for them and their kids to stay lifelong friends. something good to come out of this whole thing." "I LOVE that Janelle and Christine both look younger and way better than Robyn," wrote another. Another wondered, "I think for them it became easier to be friends when they no longer shared a husband. When they saw the writing on the wall that their respective marriages were over their friendship seemed to grow and blossom." A user commented, "YAY, Janelle & Christine! Freeeeeedom." "Oh cool, it's nice to see that they've managed to maintain their friendship over time. Good for them!" wrote another user.



Were Janelle and Christine Brown secretly fighting?

Many theories circulated on the Internet about Janelle and Christine's fight last year. A fan claimed on a Reddit thread, "Janelle and Christine. Have they posted anything together lately? In the past, they have posted vacations together, and other times they’ve been hanging out with one another. that they seemed to support one another. I don’t think I’ve seen posts like that in a long time and I hope it doesn’t mean that their relationship has strained!" The Sun reports. There has been a gap of several months since the reality stars posted something about each other. This led to people questioning Christine and Janelle's friendship and claiming that something might be wrong between the two. Despite all the rumors, there was no confirmation that Janelle and Christine's relationship is strained.


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 Are Janelle and Christine Brown still friends? 'Sister Wives' stars feud rumors finally put to rest