'I would give the torch': Antonio Banderas wants Tom Holland to play ‘Zorro’ in case of a franchise reboot

'I would give the torch': Antonio Banderas wants Tom Holland to play ‘Zorro’ in case of a franchise reboot
Antonio Banderas reportedly said that Tom Holland would be a perfect fit for the role of 'Zorror' in case of a reboot (IMDb)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Antonio Banderas made the 'The Mask of Zorro' a hit but he recently revealed whom he thought would be perfect for a Zorro reboot. Banderas starred as the titular character of the 1998 film and received accolades for his performance. The film features the original Zorro, Don Diego de la Vega (Anthony Hopkins), escaping from prison to find his long-lost daughter (Catherine Zeta-Jones) and avenge the death of his wife at the hands of the corrupt governor Rafael Montero (Stuart Wilson). He is aided by his successor (Banderas), who is pursuing his own vendetta against the governor's right-hand man while falling in love with de la Vega's daughter.

In a recent interview for 'Puss in Boots: The Last Wish', he said that the 'Uncharted' star Tom Holland would be a perfect fit for the said role. Banderas had a supporting role in the film alongside Mark Wahlberg.


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As per Comicbook.com, Banderas said without any hesitation that he would want to hand the title over to Holland if there was a reboot. He reportedly said, “I did Uncharted with him, and he’s so energetic and fun, and he’s got this spark, too. Why not?” Banderas explained that he would want to return to the franchise in a new film in order to pass the mask down to Holland, the same way that Hopkins did for him in the 1988 film. The film saw Hopkins’ Don Diego de la Vega handing the torch down to Banderas’ Alejandro Murrieta.

“Yes, I would. I would consider that possibility. Why not?” Banderas reportedly said when asked if he would return for a new project in the franchise. “I said something like that to somebody. I said, ‘Well if they called me to do Zorro, I would do what Anthony Hopkins did in the first (for) me, (which is) give the torch to somebody else,'” he added. 

'Puss in Boots: The Last Wish' is a spin-off of the 'Shrek' franchise and a sequel to 'Puss in Boots' (2011). The shows Puss' journey as he sets to find the mystical last wish to restore eight of his nine lives that he lost while escaping new enemies who plan to hunt him down. It is scheduled to be released theatrically on December 21.

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