Anti-Trump protesters hold up 'F**k Donald' banners, celebrate outside Walter Reed: 'Don't care how he's feeling'

Anti-Trump protesters hold up 'F**k Donald' banners, celebrate outside Walter Reed: 'Don't care how he's feeling'
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After President Donald Trump tested positive for Covid-19 with Frist Lady Melania Trump, he was taken to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center on Friday, October 2 night. The president, who according to many had taken the virus lightly, recently even criticized rival presidential candidate Joe Biden, at the first presidential debate, for wearing a mask. It had been all but twelve hours, according to reports, before 'leftist' protesters gathered outside Walter Reed and took to signs and chants wanting the president to meet with ill fate.

According to many reports that have surfaced, as supporters of the president started prayer chains and others posted outside Walter Reed with prayers, many that were against the president chanted "F**k Donald Trump" with middle fingers in the air. Twitter swarmed with videos of a woman chanting, along with another woman saying "Your president is dying, ahh!" The woman caught in these videos reportedly added, "I hope he dies!" while another woman held a sign that read "Truth Over Lies."

In a Twitter video, one can see two women dancing with one chanting "F**k Donald Trump, he don't wear his maks" as cops stand right behind them. One can also hear them say the aforementioned chants. It does seem like the police are trying to keep the peace. There is also another video of people holding up signs that read "F**K TRUMP" with the person tweeting the video writing, "Freedom of speech yes. None the less they are miserable, disgraceful, and deranged. Sad." Some protestors even told Jack Posobiec from One America News, “We don’t care how he’s feeling." The video that was tweeted out by Posobiec read, "Biden supporter outside Walter Reed as the President is hospitalized: 'We don’t care how he’s feeling'."




Posobiec reported one of the protestors had thrown a bunch of papers outside the window that read "F*ck The Trumps." Posobiec tweeted out those photos as well writing, "Someone drove by Walter Reed and threw printed papers all over the street that say 'F*** the Trumps'.”


Meanwhile, the president is being taken care of in a well-equipped suite inside the medical center. The huge 3,000 sq ft presidential suite has offices, a conference room, secure comms, and a dining area. Trump's physician Dr Sean Conley said that the president isn't "out of the woods" and that the doctors are "cautiously optimistic" in a statement made on late Saturday, October 3.

CBS News also reported that a source that was "familiar" with the president's health had said on Saturday that Trump's vitals were "very concerning" in the past day and that the "next 48 hours will be critical in terms of his care." While we may not know the exact condition the president is in, it does seem that he is in the best hands possible as we had earlier reported that should the doctor provided by the White House be unable to treat a situation, the hospital has staffers called "prescreened specialists."

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