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'Animal Kingdom' Season 6 Episode 1: Codys burn Gia's shop to the ground for abandoning them

Codys wanted to take revenge on Gia and they had something up their sleeve for that
Shawn Hatosy as Andrew, Jake Weary as Deran, Ben Robson as Craig, and Finn Cole as J in 'Animal Kingdom' Season 6 (TNT)
Shawn Hatosy as Andrew, Jake Weary as Deran, Ben Robson as Craig, and Finn Cole as J in 'Animal Kingdom' Season 6 (TNT)

Contains spoilers for 'Animal Kingdom' Season 6 Episode 1

The sixth and final season of ‘Animal Kingdom’ has finally arrived and it’s the beginning of the end for The Cody boys. In Season 5, we saw how the entire clan came together to save their house and get some rest from the work they have been doing for years. However, the recovery of Katherine’s body made things worse for Andrew (Shawn Hatosy) and we are surely going to see him face the consequences of what he did during the last season.

Another thing that we saw in Season 5 was how Gia (Karina Logue) backstabbed them and that’s why the Codys were not ready to work for her. In the premiere episode of Season 6, we see the Cody boys adjusting to their new lives. Andrew is trying to think about what he wants to do with the plot he has while Craig (Ben Robson) and Deran (Jake Weary) have started concentrating on their work. On the other hand, J (Finn Cole) is looking out for properties to live with his new love interest.


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Everything goes smoothly till the time Gia comes back into their lives. Gia comes to their house and talks to Andrew about one job she has for the Codys. J is really annoyed that she showed up at their house after what she did to them. Gia tells J that he needs to let go of the past and concentrate on the future. A few moments later, she tells Andrew that a new girl in town is killing her business because she has some really influential contacts and wants the Cody boys to take care of the problem.

Karina Logue as Gia in 'Animal Kingdom' (TNT)

Andrew and J say that they’ll think about it. A few moments later, we see J entering Gia’s office and telling her that they are ready to take the job. The Codys get together and make a plan for lighting the lady’s shop and warehouse on fire. However, there’s only one problem, the roof is so strong that they are unable to cut through it with the usual equipment. Andrew has a solution for that as well and he makes a machine that would do the work for them, but it’s going to be really noisy as the machine will be taking the assistance of bullets to put a hole in the roof.

As soon as they reach the warehouse, they need to do something about the noise and they take the help of rockets that are used during the celebratory events. He starts firing them up and the other members start doing their work. At last, they enter the warehouse and start taking some stuff out before lighting the entire store on fire.

However, things get really interesting when they come out and it is revealed that they actually burned down Gia’s shop and warehouse. Andrew and everyone else just took revenge on Gia for backstabbing them, giving her a befitting reply. Although Gia thinks that her investors won’t be happy about it and will come for the Codys, Andrew believes that he is ready to take anyone out.

Pope (Shawn Hatosy), Craig (Ben Robson), Deran (Jake Weary), and Joshua (Finn Cole) in 'Animal Kingdom' (TNT)

It was really satisfying to see Andrew and other members of the Cody family getting together for another assignment. Seeing Gia annoyed only makes things better for the viewers. It’ll be interesting to see if any of Gia’s investors come out and start hunting for those who lighted up the shop.

‘Animal Kingdom’ Season 6 will return to TNT with a new episode on every Sunday, at 10 pm EST.