Andrew Tate: Why did Emory Tate 'throw away' notorious kickboxer's Nintendo 'forever'?

Andrew Tate: Why did Emory Tate 'throw away' notorious kickboxer's Nintendo 'forever'?
Andrew Tate tweeted that his father, Emory Tate threw away his Nintendo (@Cobratate, @tateterrific/Twitter)

BUCHAREST, ROMANIA: Former kickboxer Andrew Tate told shared a story on Twitter on May 21 recounting a significant disparity in the treatment of his father compared to his friend's parents and mentioned how his beloved Nintendo console was thrown away. The message was posted by Andrew, who has more than 6.7 million followers on Twitter, to highlight the value of parental advice and punishment.

Andrew's father, Emory Tate, was an American chess International Master, and as per Andrew, had his distinct parenting style, always emphasizing discipline and proper behavior. Emory also taught his children to never compromise on respect. To learn more about Andrew's childhood memories, keep reading.


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A life lesson for Andrew Tate

In his May 21 tweet, Andrew revealed a relatable childhood experience. He recalled an incident where at around the age of seven, he visited his White friend's house and found the friend boldly demanded his parents to leave him alone so he could play video games. Influenced by this behavior, young Andrew attempted the same when he returned home only to get an extremely different response. Emory resorted to administering physical punishment, a measure that Andrew did not fully comprehend at the time.



A two-page apology letter

Emory then assigned Andrew the task of writing a two-page apology letter, emphasizing the importance of discipline. As part of his punishment, his cherished Nintendo console was confiscated, never to be seen again. Andrew shared this story as a reminder that every parent has a unique approach to teaching valuable life lessons to their children. He acknowledges the impact this incident had on shaping his values, ultimately contributing to his success as a prominent figure in the world. 

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 Andrew Tate: Why did Emory Tate 'throw away' notorious kickboxer's Nintendo 'forever'?