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'I heard big noise': Florida residents evacuate homes as plane crashes on house, killing 2 on board

The plane crashed on the roof of a home in Miramar causing a massive power outage in the area
UPDATED OCT 18, 2022
The plane went down in the 2200 block of Jamaica Drive, not far from North Perry Airport in Florida (Screenshot/WPLG Local 10)
The plane went down in the 2200 block of Jamaica Drive, not far from North Perry Airport in Florida (Screenshot/WPLG Local 10)

MIRAMAR, FLORIDA: Two people onboard a plane were killed when it crashed into a home in Miramar, Florida, Monday, October 17. The horrifying ordeal caused several others to evacuate after the Aventura II plane crashed into the yard of a home with its tail on top of the house roof followed by an alleged fuel spill. Fortunately, no residents were injured in the incident.

The plane went down around 11.40 am in the 2200 block of Jamaica Drive, not far from North Perry Airport. Authorities did not share details about the two people killed in the crash but reported there were no residential casualties. Miramar Police spokesperson Tania Rues informed, no one who was on the ground or in the home was injured. Nevertheless, there was no fire or explosion caused by the crash but the aircraft reportedly managed to break the power lines in the area. 


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Due to this, six homes were affected by a power outage. Footage from the scene appeared to show emergency crews trying to free someone from the single-engine aircraft. The resident of the house complained she was inside her home with her 2-year-old child when she heard a loud noise. “I was in my bedroom with my baby and I just heard a big noise. I thought it was a transformer but I grabbed the baby and ran out and then from outside I saw the airplane on top of my house. It was really scary," Manyerenis Moreno said. "I was born today again. I would have died right there with my baby. I’m glad that we’re alive," she told 6 South Florida.

Investigators from the National Transportation Safety Board and Federal Aviation Administration said they are looking into the crash. Experts reported that it appears an engine failure may have happened at a low altitude and caused the fatal incident. As recent as August 19, another plane crash occurred in Orlando, after the aircraft allegedly ran out of fuel and crashed onto the busy street on University Boulevard and North Econlockhatchee Trail. The pilot Remy Colin was the only person aboard and miraculously survived the dramatic crash with only minor injuries. The crash took place after the pilot misjudged his fuel level which led to a mechanical failure.