5 worst Tyra Banks costumes on 'DWTS': Gold jumpsuit to crumpled umbrella, a roundup of her cringe-worthy outfits

The hate for Tyra Banks among viewers continues and her choice of costumes has made matters worse. Here's a round-up of every bad costume she's worn on Season 29

Tyra Banks' modeling days are far behind her. However, not many expected that she'd leave her dressing sense in the past as well. She's the host on 'Dancing with the Stars' this season as she replaced Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews on the show, a change that hasn't been appreciated by fans of the show as well as the hosts that held the show together in the previous seasons. Tyra is also an executive producer on the show and has a larger say in the way how things function, a larger say quite literally for the fact that she makes small talk with every contestant after their performances, something that seems forced and isn't required. But that's Tyra and by the looks of it, it doesn't seem like she's stopping anytime soon. The hate from the audiences too doesn't stop growing for her as a quick look at Twitter comments after every episode proves just that. To add to that, the costumes she sports is not helping her case, and here's a round-up of the worst dresses she's worn on Season 29. 

The ghost of Tyra's supermodel past 


This was the opening night costume in which Tyra strutted on to the 'DWTS' dance floor with hands on her hips and all fans of the show cringed in unison. This red ballroom gown on the premiere night of the show was not liked by the audiences and she was immediately slammed for not being able to snap out of the supermodel mode and just host. 

Gold jumpsuit resembling cheap toffee wrapper


Tyra wore this as part of the '80s night episode and the only saving grace of the whole look was her funky afro hairdo that she pulled off well. However, the gold jumpsuit gathered in places where it shouldn't and looked quite unflattering on her. 

Is it a dress or a shimmery curtain?


The shimmery fabric that this dress was made out of was blingy to a point that it looked cheap. Secondly, the fitting of it was a bit off as well (zoom into her arm to understand better). Also, a look at Tyra in this dress hurt some fans "like a hangover" while others were immediately reminded of their grandma's old sofa from the '80s.

Minnie Mouse Dress that Tyra is too old to sport


Do we need to say anything about this outfit? None of the elements, including the red bow, mouse ears, the polka dots on the skirt, or the long train attached to it, worked in Tyra's favor and the hideous yellow heels paired with it screams tacky in bold letters. 

Tyra and her crumpled umbrella dress 


On the Villians Night episode that aired on October 26, Tyra's bat-inspired outfit outdid all the worst clothes she's worn on the show in the past. The platinum blonde wig that wasn't even laid properly did nothing to save Tyra from the embarrassment that was the dress.  

Does Tyra need to fire her entire styling team, yes or no? Let us know in the comments. 

'Dancing with the Stars' airs Mondays at 8 pm ET on ABC.

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