'American Song Contest': Fans join hands to get votes for AleXa, ask for '10 votes on TikTok'

'American Song Contest': Fans join hands to get votes for AleXa, ask for '10 votes on TikTok'
AleXa in 'American Song Contest' (NBC)

Fans are amazed by Alexandra Christine Schneiderman's powerful performance in the 'American Song Contest' finale. She is here to showcase "more facets of what America has to offer," representing both her home state of Oklahoma and the K-pop industry, for which she is uniquely equipped.

When one thinks about K-pop, a picture of an artist born and raised in Korea or somebody scouted abroad in a nearby east Asian country who goes on to train at a big label for an impending debut in the next big group may come to mind. AleXa, born Alexandra Christine Schneiderman, is a K-pop idol from Tulsa, Oklahoma, to a Russian American dad and a Korean American adoptee mom. She had never stayed in Korea or spoken perfect Korean until making her debut as AleXa in 2019. Not the conventional K-pop origin narrative, but AleXa's path brings her back to America as a unique type of idol after spending four years in Korea as a solo artist. Her route is intersectional and multifaceted, which may explain why she has battled her way to the finals of NBC's 'American Song Contest.'


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The 'American Song Contest,' hosted by Snoop Dogg and Kelly Clarkson, involves contestants who represent their home state or one of five US territories by singing an original song for the title of America's Best Song. As the audience waited with eager anticipation for the winner to be declared at the finale, Alexa delivered a powerful performance. AleXa wanted accents of red in her final performance to symbolize the Queen of Hearts from 'Alice in Wonderland.' AleXa is one of the few contestants on the show who goes above and beyond each week. One of the most intriguing concepts was showcasing K-Pop from Oklahoma, and fans could see this song becoming viral whether she won or not.

The entire process has taken roughly a year, with AleXa's team being enticed by the notion of her competing in 'American Song Contest,' which began airing its first season in March of this year, as fans of "Eurovision." "K-pop queen" AleXa promised added regal features and "a lot more red" in her third performance of "Wonderland." These modifications were more significant than those she made for her semifinal performance, and they demonstrated unequivocally that she is one of the season's most inventive contestants.

AleXa, who has always been a fan favorite, won their hearts once more with her finale performance. Fans of both her and the show flocked to Twitter to express their thoughts on her recent performance. One of them tweeted: "#ASC2022 ⎮AleXa is from another planet, you know. A little sista hitting and beating hard till the finale. From Wonderland maybe?. #AmericanSongContest · #Eurovision " 


Even before the finale ended, fans were quick to declare her the winner on social media. Another Twitter user wrote: "Wake me up when Alexa wins the American song contest".


AleXa's fans also joined forces to get things rolling for her and garner as many votes as they can for their favorite performer. A fan tweeted: "Can you guys vote AleXa for American Song Contest? you can vote 10 votes on tiktok or the NBC app if you have it".


The 'American Song Contest' 2022 was eventually won by 25-year-old AleXa from Oklahoma with the song Wonderland.


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