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'American Rust' Episode 4: Issac adjusts to life on road, Billy tells Lee the truth

With no place to go, Issac makes an unlikely friend, as Billy comes clean about Novick's murder in 'American Rust'
David Alvarez as Isaac English and Nicole Williams as Jojo in 'Dennis American Rust' (Mong/SHOWTIME.)
David Alvarez as Isaac English and Nicole Williams as Jojo in 'Dennis American Rust' (Mong/SHOWTIME.)

If you've been keeping up with 'American Rust', it's safe to say that the series had a bit of a slow start. However, Episode 4 deep dives into the events that took place before the murder of Pete Novick -- with the true culprit finally being revealed.

Episode 4 of 'American Rust', titled 'My Name is Billy', focuses on Issac (David Alvarez) as he journeys away from home. Having returned the money, he is now broke with nowhere to go, putting him at risk.


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While taking shelter under an underpass, he meets with Jojo, another drifter who helps him escape from the cops. Jojo (Nicole Williams) explains that she is on her way to Las Vegas to meet with her girlfriend Zoe. She agrees to take him under her wing till Nevada, as Issac gets used to this new way of life. Seeing that they both don't have money, Jojo suggests ways to make some quick cash, and as they visit truck stops, she indicates that Issac can provide sexual services. She even picks up on the fact that he's queer during their initial conversation, which startles him, but seeing that she is lesbian herself, she is unfazed by it. Out to make some quick cash, Issac agrees to sexual favors with a trucker. However, before much can happen, he and Jojo attack the man and flee with the money.

Alex Neustaedter as Billy Poe and Julia Mayorga as Lee English in 'American Rust' (Dennis Mong/SHOWTIME)

Back in Buell, the police show up at Grace's house while she is in the middle of a union meeting. Seeing that they have a warrant, they begin to tear the place apart and manage to find a pair of size 13 shoes. Grace (Maura Tierney) calls Harris (Jeff Daniels), who shows up immediately, seeing that the search took place without him being involved. However, Frank (Namir Smallwood) informs him that the district attorney is now involved and building a case against Billy (Alex Neustaedter) and that Harris is off the case, as he is involved with Grace. Harris goes to talk to Billy, who is helping Lee (Julia Mayorga) take care of her father. Harris asks him not to back until the search is done or talk to anyone regarding the matter. He shows him a picture of Novick with Bobby (William Apps), the person who turned him in, and Billy claims he's never seen him, although, in a flashback of the mill, Billy is seen hitting Novick, with Bobby present.

While all of this goes down, Lee argues with her father regarding getting a nurse, while he tells her he saved the money for her, in case she needed it. Outraged that her father believes she needs a contingency plan, she goes to meet Billy and bumps into old friends. They inform her that the cops think it was Billy who killed Novick and if there is anyone who could help him, it was her since she is studying law.

Lee confronts Billy about the murder, who comes clean to her about everything, despite telling Harris telling him not to. It turns out Billy saw Novick and Bobby enter the mill while he was with Issac. In a heated moment, Billy confronted Novick, and he began to beat him up over their previous altercation. Bobby stepped in with a knife to Billy's throat and cornered him. While Novick tried to get up and attack Billy again, Issac assaulted him from behind and killed him with a blow to the head. Lee is shocked when she realizes the truth and slaps Billy, demanding that he stays away from her, seeing that all he does is bring bad luck where he goes. Meanwhile, Harris gets a call from Frank -- he is to bring Billy into custody, although the reason and charges aren't stated yet. For Harris, time is running out, and the question remains -- will Billy be the one to take the fall for Issac?

'American Rust' airs Sundays 10 pm ET/PT on Showtime.