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'American Idol' Season 19 Top 24 Full List: Wyatt Pike, Hannah Everhart to Jason Warrior, here's the lineup

'Idol' is just a week away from the Top 24 rounds and here is a list of all the performers who will be singing for the audience votes
UPDATED MAR 29, 2021
Wyatt Pike, Hannah Everhart and Jason Warrior on 'American Idol' (ABC)
Wyatt Pike, Hannah Everhart and Jason Warrior on 'American Idol' (ABC)

'American Idol' Season 19 has picked up the pace. The showstopper rounds began airing on Sunday, March 28, and will continue on March 29. Over these two episodes, the show will find its Top 24 contestants and they will begin to perform for the audience votes starting next week. 

Continue reading for information on all the performers who made it to the Top 24 at the end of Sunday night's episode. We also have the dope on the performers who will feature on Monday night's episode and the ones who will complete the lineup. 


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Alyssa Wray

Alyssa Wray sang 'I'm Here' by Cynthia Erivo from 'The Colour Purple'. Alyssa has a big voice and she was not afraid to take any chances for her show stopper performance. Katy Perry noted that Wray's performance felt like full-blown gymnastics and that she needs to take it slow sometimes and on that note, she and the other two judges sent her over to the Top 24. 

Jason Warrior

Jason Warrior sang 'Believer' by Imagine Dragons for the show stopper round. Backstage, he was heard saying that he was determined to sing till there's no breath left in his body. "Every pain, everything that I have been through came out in that performance," Warrior said after his power-packed performance. All three judges were of the opinion that he sometimes 'overdoes' things but in the end, Lionel told him that he's secured his position in the Top 24. 


Andrea Valles

Valles drew herself on the 'American Idol' stage when she was nine years old. Even though her auditions didn't manage to completely bowl the judges over, she chose The Weeknd's 'Blinding Lights' for the showstopper round and Katy thought it was the wrong song. However, the judge also noted that Valles was a good singer and she was sent over to the Top 24. 


Chayce Beckham

Beckham returned with his gravelly voice to perform 'You Should Probably Leave' by Chris Stapleton. "He should have picked a melodic song," Katy said while noting that he's sung better in the past. She told him that showstoppers round was not his brightest moment and that he should have played the ace. She further asked him to believe in himself and believe in the vision that his mom and stepfather have for him. On that note, Beckham was sent over to the Top 24, and starting next week he will be performing for the audience votes along with others from the lineup. 


Caleb Kennedy

Caleb Kennedy is just 16 but he is very mature with his songwriting and the judges have already given him massive props for the same. Before going on stage on Sunday night, he spoke about his father in a video diary. He had left when Caleb was 4 after he "made some mistakes in the marriage". However, he reconnected with his father after he came back in his life when Caleb was 10 or 11. His dad was there to support him on his 'Idol' journey and Caleb truly needed the support as he joked about the competition making him feel like he was in 'Top Chef'.

Caleb performed an original song for the showstopper round just like he did during the auditions. He was sent to the Top 24 with a word of advice from Luke Bryan and Katy, "When you get smart about your talent, you'll do much better and don't be confused about yourself."


Wyatt Pike 

Wyatt Pike covered George Ezra's song 'Blame It on Me' for the showstopper round. During auditions, the judges had praised his style but at the same time noted that he'd need to be prepared to unlearn some of it in case he was going ahead in the competition. But it looks like Wyatt won't need any of that unlearning as his novelty is what stood out to the judges in the recent episode and he made his way to the Top 24.


Cassandra Coleman 

Cassandra chose 'Running with Wolves' by Aurora for the showstopper round. She was extremely nervous before going on stage last week during the first leg of the Hollywood round and was a ball of nerves before going on stage in Sunday night's episode as well. But once Cassandra got into the groove of the song, she radiated unstoppable energy and the judges felt that and sent her over to Top 24.



"I think I sang the song from my heart and my soul so honestly Mr. Richie, I feel great about it," Beane told Lionel after his performance on Marvin Gaye's 'What's Going On' for which Katy Perry gave him a standing ovation. It was a no-brainer that Beane was sent over to the Top 24 after that performance. Not only did he level up his performance, but he also stepped up with his style and that worked wonders and Beane came dressed as a showstopper for the showstopper round. 


Hannah Everhart

Hannah sang 'Wrecking Ball' by Miley Cyrus for the showstopper round and she was seen working the stage and also interacting with the band as well as the judges. She was sent over to the Top 24 and the news was delivered to her by her "sister from another mister" Katy Perry. 


Graham DeFranco

DeFranco went with 'Beautiful War' by Kings of Leon. He dedicated the song to his father who has been diagnosed with stomach cancer and that's the reason he couldn't accompany his son on the initial stages of his 'Idol' journey. Just like the audition rounds, he was once again asked by the judges to start believing in himself as an artist before they told him he was in the Top 24.


Alanis Sofia and Casey Bishop were seen performing on Sunday's episode but whether they made it to the next round will be revealed on Monday night. According to sources, both have been sent over to the Top 24 and the other contestants who will complete the lineup at the end of Monday night's episode include Cecil Ray Baker, Colin Jamieson, DeShawn Goncalves, Hunter Metts, Willie Spence, Alana Sherman, Anilee List, Ava August, Grace Kinstler, Liahona Olayan, Madison Watkins and Mary Jo Young. In case you missed it, you can watch all the showstopper performances from Sunday night's episode here

'American Idol' airs Sunday and Monday at 8 pm ET on ABC.