'Zachariah sang circles around her': 'American Idol' fans slam Haven Madison for her 'weak voice'

'Zachariah sang circles around her': 'American Idol' fans slam Haven Madison for her 'weak voice'
Zachariah Smith and Haven Madison deliver duet performance on 'American Idol' (Instagram/@americanidol)

BRENTWOOD, CALIFORNIA: 'American Idol' Season 21 Top 5 finalists have recently been unveiled. The aspiring singers delivered stirring performances of Alanis Morissette's songs. However, the contestants also teamed up to deliver a duet on Ed Sheeran's songs.

Haven Madison and Zachariah Smith teamed up to deliver a stellar duet on Sheeran's hit song 'Thinking Out Loud.' While Luke Bryan along with the guest judges Alanis and Sheeran praised the duet, the viewers were not impressed with Haven's weak falsetto.


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Haven Madison and Zachariah Smith's duet

Haven and Zachariah performed a duet on Sheeran's song and instantly impressed the judges. Sheeran praised the duet and said, "Really soulful, really powerful. You both are so talented." Meanwhile, another guest judge Alanis noted that they made it seem like the song was born to be a duet. However, Luke added, "I have smile cramps! You guys start... turning into stars. Good vibes all the way around." Both Haven and Zachariah have totally different voices but they somehow managed to match each other's falsetto.

'How is Haven still on this show?'

While fans loved Zachariah's performance, 'American Idol' Season 21 viewers think Haven's voice was 'weak.' A Twitter user wrote, "I'm no Zachariah fan by any stretch but you could tell he really had to reel it in so people could hear Haven during that duet. She has a very soft/ weak voice." Another viewer tweeted, "How is Haven still on this show when you can't even hear her singing???!!! Her voice is WEAK." Another user said, "There is NO power whatsoever in Haven's voice." Another critic added, "Haven is high school worthy, not American Idol worthy. Way over her head." "Man, this duet is really showing that Haven is the weakest singer here. Zachariah sang circles around her," wrote another person.









'American Idol' Season 21 airs every Sunday and Monday at 8 pm ET on ABC.

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 'American Idol' fans slam Haven Madison for her 'weak voice' during duet with Zachariah Smith