American Airlines launches probe after 'Karen' slams pilot with 'Let's Go Brandon' tag

Dana Finley Morrison was flying from St Lucia to Miami when she noticed the pilot having the 'Let's Go Brandon' sticker attached to his luggage tag

                            American Airlines launches probe after 'Karen' slams pilot with 'Let's Go Brandon' tag
American Airlines passenger Dana Finley Morrison spotted the pilot's 'Let's Go Brandon' sticker (Twitter/ @danacfinley)

An American Airlines passenger has been heavily slammed online after she complained about a pilot whose luggage had a 'Let's Go Brandon' sticker, which has become synonymous with anti-Joe Biden sentiment. 

Missouri-based fraternity and sorority worker, Dana Finley Morrison, was flying from St Lucia to Miami on Saturday, December 8, when she happened to notice the pilot of the plane, who has not been identified, having the 'Let's Go Brandon' sticker attached to his luggage tag. Morrison tweeted to American Airlines, saying: "Y'all cool with your pilots displaying this kind of cowardly rhetoric on their crew luggage when they're in uniform, about to board a plane? We are not the only passengers who noticed and were disgusted."



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The airline then responded to Morrison, saying: "Thank you for bringing this to our attention and we want to get this to the right team. Please DM any additional details." Morrison later posted screenshots of her conversation with American Airlines, in which the airline appeared to apologize on behalf of their pilot and promised to review the matter internally. "We hold our team members to the highest standards and expectations," the airline said. However, since then, Morrison has faced considerable backlash from people who stood up in support of the pilot and has been forced to limit access to her account to only the users approved by her. 

'I won’t fly your airlines if you punish this pilot'

Twitter users have overwhelmingly defended the pilot, saying that they will not be flying American Airlines if any action was taken against him. "This pilot deserves a raise for dealing with entitled Karens while doing his job," one of them said, while another noted, "Why? He’s exercising is first amendment right. Without any violence." A third commented, "This ain’t it AA. I won’t fly your airlines if you punish this pilot." One more wrote, "Leave the man alone! He did nothing wrong!" The next remarked, "Imagining your response if he had an anti-Trump sticker is hilarious." Another quipped, "Make sure the snitch is put on the no fly list." A commenter tweeted, "I fly over 50k miles on American and will continue to do so since you have pilots like these. If this pilot is fired, I will switch airlines and cancel my admirals club as well. Keep mandates away from your employees and keep our pilots free."

One more said, "If you take ANY action against these pilots and crew members because this Karen complained about her overprotected sensibilities, I promise you I will never fly @AmericanAir again, and this’ll make the rounds in the media until you lose 40%+ of your customer base Not worth it." Another commented, "At this point, that luggage tag would be the ONLY reason to fly @AmericanAir. If it disappears, so does my business. You’re a Texas business for God’s sake. Act like it." A person reacted with, "If he’s not pushing the agenda on the passengers and not spewing stuff over the intercom she can mind her own business! This young man has done nothing wrong."




















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