Josh Drew's 'LATE-NIGHT VISITORS' bombshell: Amber Heard's pal recalls 30 visits in Depp's absence

Josh Drew's 'LATE-NIGHT VISITORS' bombshell: Amber Heard's pal recalls 30 visits in Depp's absence
The video testimony of Josh Drew (L), who is the former husband of Heard's (R) best friend Raquel Pennington, was played in court (Law & Crime/YouTube)

The defamation trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard has invited testimonies from several witnesses now. One of them is Josh Drew, who is the former husband of Heard's best friend, Raquel Pennington. Drew's video testimony was played in court on Wednesday, May 18.

In his video deposition that was recorded in November 2019, Drew said that Heard had late-night visitors at the house "more than 30 times" while Depp was away. When he was asked, "Did you ever notice anyone visiting Amber Heard at night while Mr. Depp was away?" Drew said, "During the time that I was living there, yes." When asked, "On how many occasions?" he replied, "I wouldn't even be able to estimate."


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The next question asked, "Was it more than ten?" to which Drew replied, "Yes." The next number asked was 20, to which he again said yes. "Was it more than 30?" was replied by 'yes' again. But when asked, "Was it more than 50?" Drew said, "Again, I can't really speculate. I was there for quite some time." The next question was, "When did that first occur?" which was responded by, "I'm not privy to her comings and goings and she had other friends than us that were coming to see her."

When the questioner stated, "I'm just talking about visitors at night when Mr. Depp was away," Drew replied, "Again, I can't say with any specificity." On being asked, "When did that first happen that you were aware of?" he said, "I mean, I would say pretty early on, but again there's no context to it. The other consideration, that I would say, is that the hallway between all these penthouses was public right-of-way going to the pool." One Depp fan was quick to take apart those portions of Drew's testimony that favored Heard's position, citing "sworn testimony of four police officers" and police "body cam" footage. Another fan pointed out that any testimony by Drew was likely biased as he and Pennington were "seen laughing"  with Heard (who was allegedly seen with no bruising) only a day after she got a restraining order based on a facial bruise 



Drew, in his testimony, downplayed the number of 'late night visitors' he saw by saying: "So, my understanding of people coming and going? It might have been the public, it might have been residents. I'm sorry, not public, it might have been residents in the building. I can't really say anything specific." The next question asked, "Who was Elon Musk?" which was responded by, "Elon Musk was a gentleman that Amber dated intermittently following the restraining order."

The next question was, "When did you first see Elon Musk at penthouse three?" and Drew replied, saying, "I'm not quite clear exactly, but I want to say it was about three to four weeks after the restraining order was filed." Depp sued Heard for $50 million over a 2018 Washington Post op-ed written by her claiming she was a victim of domestic violence. Heard then filed a restraining order and countersued the actor for $100 million. After Drew's testimony played in court, Depp's fans were quick to post the alleged text messages between Heard and Drew, where Heard threatens Depp's life "if he misbehaves," alleging that Drew knew Heard was abusive but was covering for her.




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