Amber alert for Nora Starr Grant canceled after 5-month-old North Carolina girl found inside stolen vehicle

Amber alert for Nora Starr Grant canceled after 5-month-old North Carolina girl found inside stolen vehicle
Nora Starr Grant and the suspect (Greensboro Police Department)

GREENSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA: Police in Greensboro have canceled an Amber alert after a five-month-old girl, who was reportedly kidnapped by an unknown Black male, was found safe inside a stolen vehicle.

The Black baby, identified as Nora Starr Grant, was abducted when a car was stolen at the Marathon gas station on Randleman Road at 9:22 pm Friday night, May 21. The baby was inside the vehicle when the theft happened, said reports. The alleged kidnapper was last seen wearing a blue athletic sweatshirt, blue jeans, white socks and blue Nike slides. It has been said that he stole the 2017 Volkswagen Tiguan along with the infant. The suspect is yet to be identified.


Darriynn Brown met Cash Gernon two days before his death when he visited his home when Monica Sherrod was out

Cash Gernon's father Trevor is a wanted fugitive facing multiple charges, doesn't appear even after son's death

The car’s number plate is HFK-2105. Police said the vehicle also has a dent in the driver's side door with a white paint transfer. The authorities also provided details of the child. They said Nora was in a pink onesie with red and white flower designs when she was allegedly kidnapped. She is two feet five inches tall and weighs 28 lbs. The color of the hair is brown while her eyes are black.


Stolen Vehicle and the accused (Greensboro Police Department)

Police have urged people call the Greensboro Police Department immediately at 336-706-4230 or call 911 or *HP if they have any information related to the case.

The abduction of Nora came days after another child was kidnapped and then killed in Dallas, Texas. Cash Gernon was allegedly abducted when an 18-year-old suspect named Darriynn Brown crept into his house in the early hours of last Saturday, May 15. Hours later, the four-year-old’s remains were discovered half a mile away from his house. He was found without a shirt and shoes while ants were crawling on his feet. Reports said he died because of several injuries from “an edged weapon.”

At the time of his kidnapping and murder, Cash was living with the former girlfriend of his father, Trevor Gernon, who reportedly has a number of felony warrants out for his arrest. Monica Sherrod was caretaking Cash and his twin brother Carter said, “I loved those boys. They were not even my biological boys. I brought them into my home. I had made this room for them.” She also showed a corner in the house to and said, “There was that little tortoise for them. We put a lot of toys in here. Cash slept at one end of the crib and Carter at the other. This is a six-bedroom house and I put them together at the back of the house because I didn't want them to be alone, I wanted them together.”

“Cash was such a quick learner. We would do this schooling thing every day and he would say, OK mom I'm ready for school. He didn't go to school here, we did it on the kitchen table. He wanted to know how to read so bad. He would always say, what's that say? And what's that say? He loved books. And he wanted me to read the same book over again. Cash was more outspoken than Carter. Cash was the leader. He was the one that showed Carter how to do everything. Cash was the one that was brave enough to follow through with everything,” the 35-year-old added.


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