'The Amazing Race' fans rue team Villain's ouster from the show: 'They were good TV'

'The Amazing Race' fans rue team Villain's ouster from the show: 'They were good TV'

'Survivor' team Corinne Kaplan and Eliza Orlins, known for their cutthroat, and most often than not, vicious, spirit of competition on 'The Amazing Race' season 31 was one of the most hated as well as supremely entertaining teams on the Race's new season.

The friends, aka team "Villain" who had appeared previously on the Gabon and Caramoan, and Vanuatu and Micronesia seasons of the show brought most of the drama to the table on TAR 31, with their strained relationship with team Afghanimals and nasty tricks that got them moving ahead on the Race. 

Corinne Kaplan and Eliza Orlins (Photo credit: CBS)


The drama reached an all new high on the last episode of TAR 31, as they got eliminated at the end of the Race's fourth leg. Unable to complete the scooter-riding challenge in Vietnam as part of the Race's fourth leg, before any of the other teams, the team fell behind and struggled to get through the Detour before Rachel and Elissa, who finished the fourth leg second from last. Arriving at the Pit Stop minutes after their nemeses Rachel Reilly and Elissa Slater, the duo got as hateful as ever. "I believe I said this earlier," Corinne said, adding: "I won’t be attending any parties or speaking with any of these people."


The team also had a rivalry with 'Big Brother's Nicole and Victor. In a recent post-elimination video from the Race, Corinne and Eliza said that there is nothing they regret doing on the show and that they would do the Race again "in a heartbeat". Corinne specified that they are friends with the rest of the cast and "there is no animosity; it's just a game!".

Eliza added that as far as having feuds with other teams is concerned, "that's all part of a real competition". She added that in real life, they get along with everyone and they're just hardcore competitors.

TAR fans are of mixed opinion about team Villain leaving the Race, with many relieved that the spiteful tricks played by them are gone for good. But many others are disappointed that the team has left the show, as they made an entertaining watch. A fan of team Colin and Christie said: "There are still a few more dull teams I would rather have seen go first. I'd be happy to see them return as TAR doesn't have many villain teams." Well, we must agree with this. "They might also have some character redemption and not be as catty their second time, though I hope if they return, they' re still as b*tchy as ever lol," added the fan. 


"They are great entertainment. Anyone would be stupid to not want them back," wrote another Reddit user who's a TAR fan. But there were plenty of varied opinions. "I'll just say that I'm happy about the elimination and don't want to see them again, and leave it at that," said another passive-aggressive fan on Reddit.

"I was happy when Corinne and Eliza left, but I would welcome them back. They were good TV. Same will go for Rachel when her team leaves," said another user. 

Well, looks like the one thing all fans agree on is that team Villain added the spice to the show. Guess we have only the Reilly sisters for the drama now!

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