Is Alyssa Milano OK? Actress in life-threatening car accident, saves uncle's life by CPR

'We should all take every opportunity we have to protect the people we love,' actress Alyssa Milano tweeted recently

                            Is Alyssa Milano OK? Actress in life-threatening car accident, saves uncle's life by CPR
Alyssa Milano was traveling with her uncle when the accident happened (Photo by Jesse Grant/Getty Images for A+E Networks )

Actress Alyssa Milano had a close brush with death in a terrifying car accident, which could have claimed the lives of her and her uncle. The 48-year-old actress showed immense courage and presence of mind, as she heroically saved her uncle's life after he fell unconscious at the wheels. The incident happened in a Los Angeles Freeway on Tuesday, August 17, 2021, when Milano and her uncle, Mitch, were traveling in a Ford Edge. 

According to TMZ, Milano was a passenger in the SUV which was being driven by her uncle. The man reportedly had a medical emergency and fell unconscious on the driver's seat. It is being speculated that he suffered from a heart attack. The car swerved into another lane in no time and hit another vehicle when the 'Charmed' actress promptly acted and averted a fatal car crash. 


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Noticing her uncle's condition, Milano sprung from the passenger's seat and reached over to hit the brakes. Her uncle was still unconscious behind the wheel when she somehow managed to slam the brakes and stop the car. Then, she started giving him CPR till the first responders arrived at the scene. A photo shared by TMZ shows their SUV toppled to one side on the road. 

Her uncle was soon escorted to a nearby hospital where he is currently undergoing treatment, according to Milano's representative. It is not yet known whether the actress herself suffered any serious injuries. However, her representative stated that she conveyed her gratitute to all the Good Samaritans who stopped by the roadside to help the duo. She also thanked the first responders and hospital workers. 

Soon afterward, the 'Charmed' actress took to Twitter to say, "We should all take every opportunity we have to protect the people we love. Get vaccinated. Wear masks. Lock up your guns. Learn CPR. Small, common-sense actions. It’s not hard to take care of each other, but it is important."


The actress, who supports the Democratic Party is known to be quite vocal about social and political issues. She also tweeted a message to Texas Governor Greg Abott, who was diagnosed with Covid-19 recently. "I sincerely wish @GregAbbott_TX a swift and complete recovery from Covid, and hope that his infection inspires him to reevaluate his dangerous policies about this terrible pandemic. It’s time for the government of Texas to start saving lives," she tweeted. 

Milano has also consistently spoken out about the ongoing crisis in Afghanistan. "This very moment, there is so much pain in the world. Please, today, make it a point to be kind. We all could use more kindness, especially now," she said. It is believed that she tweeted this prior to her accident.