Alyssa Milano defends crochet masks, reminds 'a**hole' trolls Trump doesn't even wear one

Alyssa Milano had posted a tweet about her crochet masks but got a lot of heat about them not being safe since they have holes

                            Alyssa Milano defends crochet masks, reminds 'a**hole' trolls Trump doesn't even wear one
Alyssa Milano (Getty Images)

With coronavirus pandemic taking over the world, people had been advised to use masks for protection. With everyone bringing out their own take on a face mask, Alyssa Milano decided to join the list as she introduced her crochet masks to the world. Milano had posted its picture while heading out with her family. She urged fans to buy them as she shared a link for the product. While Milano had hoped to gather positive comments, fans slammed her invention, stating that a crocheted mask would not protect anyone as it had holes in it. People were quick to rip her invention apart with their words and forced Milano to come forward and defend it. 

Milano reminded the trolls that it was completely safe and had a carbon filter inside. "A**holes, the mask has a carbon filter in it. So, yes, it might be crochet but totally safe," she wrote on Twitter in her defense. Despite this, many were convinced it did not have a filter as some pointed out they could see her skin from the crochet while she wore it. Meanwhile, others thought she might be on a call to fix her mistakes by finally putting in a carbon filter. Amid this, there were some people who trusted her mask and were there to support her. Milano used this moment to throw shade on President Donald Trump as well. 

She retweeted a post by a user that pointed out President Trump did not wear a mask and it was not right for the media to go after someone who was trying to create one. "I wish the media frenzy that's going on for @Alyssa_Milano wearing a mask (with a carbon FILTER) would show the same passion in going after President Trump for NOT wearing one," she retweeted. 

This would not be the first time that Milano was going after Trump. She has been vocal about her dislike towards the President and even urged her followers to rethink their decision while voting before the next elections. She had posted a New York Times article that pointed out that US deaths rose to 1,00,000. Milano shared that post and asked people to make a decision wisely. With trolls slamming her for her masks, Milano did not hesitate to pull Trump into it as well. While the internet is still divided about her masks, there are some faithful followers who are all set to buy it. 

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